Its happening this weekend ; our Carboot sale

Crossing my fingers that it would not rain, as my sister and I have been putting in quite an effort for the event this weekend.




TIME : 7am – 12 noon

VENUE : PETRONAS BSP (bandar saujana putra)

I am selling my pre-loved clothes from zaman2 kurus and muda remaja – when K-POp was a craze. All those cute frilly T-shirt and dresses are to go for a flat price of RM5. My sister is also selling her kurus clothes and as for Father, he is also selling off his necktie at RM7 each.

On top of that, since I am a planner junkie despite a creativity level of ZERO – I am also selling all the cute stickers, stationaries and other kawaii stuff that I bought in bulk. Sometimes I only wanted a set but it was tempting to get more in bulk for cheaper shipping rates. so kita juallah ..

We are doing this to collect funds for personal purposes. My sister wants to buy a new breast pump. Father just wants extra pocket money since he is a pensioner already. As for myself, this would be a great try-out in the art of buying and selling on top of filling up my Tabung Minci for charitable purposes.

Here goes the pictures;


A variety of rulers, stamps (camera print) & magic towel. The latter will be selling at 50 cents each.

Recently Updated5

Bookmarks, Eraser and Clips

Recently Updated4

Stickers for planners : Price range : RM5 – RM 10



Washi : Price range RM5 – RM 7


Then comes the more beautiful things : Compact mirrors suitable for gifts.


The ballerina

Recently Updated6

Budget mirrors & oriental themed ones


Bronze mirrors



Laminated freebies – as a thank you note

None of these are available for online purchases. Why not spend sometime outside instead with the family and grab some deals at a good price. Its Carboot for goodness sake.


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