The Shopee Haul. Part uno.

Stress (disappointment) + Fatigue + IHaveMoneyInMyBankAccount ..

… led me to a shopping spree online last week. And now I have to pay the price to keep myself put at home waiting for my nonsense stuff to arrive. No jalan2 or poya2 merata-rata. Mesti tunggu posmen. Good thing though because it’s so challenging to bring Ninie. I don’t remember feeling very anxious bringing Ee out when he was a baby. In fact, I could easily drive back to Jenjarom with him strapped in the child carseat without an ounce of fear.

Perhaps it’s the world nowadays. Setan behind the mask of innocent looking faces. I wouldn’t even let a stranger makcik to hold NInie. Not even a short cuddle. To me, EVERYONE IS EVIL. EVERYONE WANTS SOMETHING FROM ME. Then there’s reckless drivers on the road. Insane, young,hormonal driven adults in the malls.  Ohgosh.. I’m a paranoid mom. AM I?

Back to my haul. Initially I had NINE parcels to wait on. I had to cancel one as per requested by the seller because she has an emergency at her kampung and she couldn’t deliver the items. my guess is – the item is out of stock. Tapi takpelah.. got refund. but I really wanted that washing machine rack. it would look neat in the kitchen.

Most of my items are planner related stuff.




Then, there’s MISSHA. I had to get my foundation from Shopee because Hermo was selling it at a retail price of RM79. I  have paid for it cheaper…so hell no am I going to fork out that much money. This is my 5th year using MISSHA and did I tell you it’s TIME REVOLUTION ESSENCE is the bomb?  It cost less than SKII and I think it does an equally good job. I glow without makeup. And I look like I had a shower too. Good for early morning school runs. thank god for wearing a hijab as well. Takdelah mcm hantu mak limah sgt..


And of course I need to buy a white elephant item like a cereal dispenser which was not practical in this country. First, it is not airtight. Secondly, ants always finds a way to share your cereals. And now I have to find a place  to hide it from my husband before he comes back from his Sakura Science Programme in Japan. The ants had a buffet with my healthy cereals. Huhu.

I still have 5 more parcels on the way. And that is part Deux.


My Recipe book – adorned with washi and stickers

I tell my friends all the time – I CANNOT COOK. But they never seem to believe me. Only Mr Husband does. Ha ha ha. This is my personal recipe book – it is divided into 3 sections so far

  • Western
  • Asian
  • Drinks/diet/food thought

At the back cover, there’s a small envelope for me to store inserts or recipe sheets that I can’t quite paste on the pages. In this book, I keep recipes handed down by my mother, my colleagues at work or modified recipes I pick and mix online. For instance, if I could substitute fresh fish with canned ones – in the book it goes! 😛

Part of my resolution for 2016 is to learn more about Bento. And of course learn more simple recipes.

dah buat tapi tak jadi plak...

bread lasagna


Its happening this weekend ; our Carboot sale

Crossing my fingers that it would not rain, as my sister and I have been putting in quite an effort for the event this weekend.




TIME : 7am – 12 noon

VENUE : PETRONAS BSP (bandar saujana putra)

I am selling my pre-loved clothes from zaman2 kurus and muda remaja – when K-POp was a craze. All those cute frilly T-shirt and dresses are to go for a flat price of RM5. My sister is also selling her kurus clothes and as for Father, he is also selling off his necktie at RM7 each.

On top of that, since I am a planner junkie despite a creativity level of ZERO – I am also selling all the cute stickers, stationaries and other kawaii stuff that I bought in bulk. Sometimes I only wanted a set but it was tempting to get more in bulk for cheaper shipping rates. so kita juallah ..

We are doing this to collect funds for personal purposes. My sister wants to buy a new breast pump. Father just wants extra pocket money since he is a pensioner already. As for myself, this would be a great try-out in the art of buying and selling on top of filling up my Tabung Minci for charitable purposes.

Here goes the pictures;


A variety of rulers, stamps (camera print) & magic towel. The latter will be selling at 50 cents each.

Recently Updated5

Bookmarks, Eraser and Clips

Recently Updated4

Stickers for planners : Price range : RM5 – RM 10



Washi : Price range RM5 – RM 7


Then comes the more beautiful things : Compact mirrors suitable for gifts.


The ballerina

Recently Updated6

Budget mirrors & oriental themed ones


Bronze mirrors



Laminated freebies – as a thank you note

None of these are available for online purchases. Why not spend sometime outside instead with the family and grab some deals at a good price. Its Carboot for goodness sake.


Picking up a hobby

We pick up hobbies to fill a void. I am not an Art -streamed student to start with. I can’t even tell my left from my right in a split second. Often I make my referrals sound silly on paper as I could not properly describe the patient’s fracture is on his left or right.

Although I have the inability to draw a proper cat – I still find that I love collecting things for my so called scrapbooking and journalling. We will be celebrating 2016 in less than 8 weeks and I am psyched. Despite not using the more contemporary options of planners from Erin Condren or Filofax – I still adore them all the same. I am perhaps more keen in transforming the boring, less classy, bulky KKM journal into an eye candy. Gotta love makeovers.


Now that Mr Husband is occupied with his studies – I am free to sepah2 kan the living room with my craft stuff, print miscellaneous items, laminate nonsense quotes and so on.

Recently I bought some stickers online and macam biasalah.. it gets cheaper if you buy it in bulk. Gosh I wish in Malacca they have a pretty stationary store with a cafe in it. Like.. heaven! Or let’s just open one? Investors? ha ha.. something along the lines of Stickerrific? Then we can be planner buddies… ngeeee..

I used to read as hobby – fiction stuff like magic, thrillers and occasionally chick-lit stories. Perhaps I shall reinforce on that especially as of yesterday I have just stumbled upon the FUNKO POP figurines. It would look good on my bookshelf you know. Whylah USD still mahal.. I have to now wait till it gets relatively cheaper to get one online. The exchange rate of RM to USD is simply horrendous right now.

Many years ago I was into Postcrossing – where you send postcards to random people around the world. That hobby did not last long as I was too lazy to walk to the post office and mail it. But I did manage to send and receive 4 postcards from Evora, Groningen, Friesland & Berlin respectively. I just had them laminated. :p

Anyway, my sister and I have found a common interest to pursue next month. Let’s hope the preparation is going well so I could spill the beans soon.