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I have 2 planners to date. A HoboMinci and this. I plan to use this A6 Plaro as my To Do list book and also to jot down notes during meetings and such.

The inserts are not that great but I was attracted to its ability to charge a mobile phone during those days when you have meetings back to back. Of course, a power bank could easily do the job but would it not look sleek to have your organizer – the only one in the room – to charge that phone of yours?? kan kan.. bergaya sgt.. 

Is that not very business-like? It will also be a very thoughtful and exclusive business gift to your special clients!

Here are the general product details you need to know before you place an order.

Size : A6 only

Comes with a  8gb u disk and 3000mah power bank.

Colour : As above (beige blue)

  Primary competitive advantages:

    • Applicable to the meeting notebook;
    • Practical and high-quality design, with U disk storage, insert card and paper change function;
    • Choose high-quality PU leather, exquisite sewing technology, high-grade business gift recommend.
    • A combination of notebook and mobile power;
    • Large charging capacity;
    • Built-in input and output cable keep you powered ever during a meeting;
    • Fashionable and high-quality design, with insert card and paper change function;
    • The power bank is standard product, standard input and output interface, fit for any digital products with USB2.0 such as f. iPad, iPhone, Samsung and more;
    • Electricity-saving function, long cycle lifespan;
    • Easy to charge, easy to carry, portable and convenient;



Like I said, the inserts are not that exciting 😛

Price I’m offering;

RM 180 including postage fee to whole Malaysia.

Yep, even Sabah Sarawak. Nang aku sik ambik untung banyak gilak.  I encourage ordering and payment through ShopeeMY. Please click on the link or if you’re not sure how, send me an email or message below.

Preorder CLOSES on 10th November 2016. Afterwards, please allow a few weeks for your order to come through. If everything goes right, we should be able to enjoy our planners before January 2017. Yeay.. and of course everyone who shops at yas_minci will get a freebie. How does a free sticker sheet sound like?


The Haul from ShopeeMY… with a bit of melalut stuff in the beginning

If I’m not taking any leave or going for holidays, that means I’ll not be out and about spending my hard earned salary that much. It also means I’ll be coveting over stuff online. Which in turn means more online purchases and more poslaju parcels arriving at my workplace. It’s almost always my parcel that comes through. And they’re not the typical thing a career woman buys like baju or tudung. They’re kawaii stationaries.

Not that I’m a studious person. Like oh my goodness.. ko beli bebanyak memo pad buat apa kan? or the occasional odd questions like – what do you use these pens or paper clips for? or tape ni utk apa? saja tampal mulut ko. 

Well.. most of them I use for my journalling. Yes, I’m back to that hobby. The internet.. Facebook especially has become a very harsh place to put down your little thoughts. Because everything you say apparently has got something to do with one of your friends. Walhal.. sometimes I’m talking about a situation that resurfaced in my memory which took place probably many months ago. And it’s not about you – you egocentric perasan pompuan.. 

Blogs are not that safe either but the exposure is less. If the issue is too sensitive – I’ll just private my post and invite certain people to read it. Or if its damn classified, wait till I die then ask our Malaysian Special Force to hack it. Journals are best. If I really hate someone, I can just print out their face from a photo in FB, stick it in my journal and doodle ugliness on it. Something like voodoo but no needles involved. Or washitape them like mummies of the past.

ANYWAY, this was supposed to be a haul post. See how I melalut. ShopeeMY has this free shipping thing going on still on their site. Of course, I took the opportunity to restock my stack of washi and memo pads. I did more exploring and decided on 2 other stores selling these cute stuff.



My favourite item from this haul is the Superman Slim Tape and the Farm Animals. I loved how LootersBox included a free sample of Washi Tape. Knowing myself – if I happen to like the sample/freebie there is a high chance I’ll be returning to the shop to buy more. Not only for the Superman tape but also for those scissors slim tape because I love sending off parcels and cards too. It makes a good seal.




My favourite items are the travel sticky pad set and the panda memo set. I was obviously excited and grateful as I noticed a cute freebie collar bookmark in the package as well. I had been surveying other online stores in ShopeeMY for better deals but I find LittleZakka offers the best price for them memo pads. I will definitely keep them on my watch list.

So don’t wait and hesitate. Head over to ShopeeMY now.



Shopee : Local heaven for Malaysian washi tape lovers ..

HI PAMmers & Readers, *waving like mad here*

I’m not quite sure whether to thank Shopee or hate them for making me part with my money. But Shopee definitely made my shopping experience very easy both as a buyer and seller.

I started on Shopee as a seller – trying to get rid of my extra washi and stickers which I bought on an impulse. A huge impulse that is. Little did I know I was starting to eye other peoples washi tapes. very keypoh rite?? It’ll be like, ” Oh em gee…. I just spotted a nice roll of crayon design. And ouh.. did that roll just went on SALE? And there’s promotion for FREE POSTAGE this month? “

And these are a few online stores that I discovered. Please say a big HI to *drumroll please*



The Haul 

 Favourite item/s : Postcard, crayon washi



The Haul 


Favourite item/s : Kiwi Sticky Note



The Haul


Favourite item/s: lantern & space washi sample

4. four38six


The haul 



Favourite item/s: City skyline washi, mushroom washi


5. tapesandthings


The haul 


Favourite item/s: Jellyfish Washi

6. My Washi Therapy


The haul


Favourite item/s : ECG & sheep washi



The haul 


Favourite item/s : Book & Tree Washi

So that was my haul for the past 2 weeks. If you happen to have an online store on SHOPEE or INSTAGRAM – please let me know. I’d love to search for more magical things in your shop 😛

Planneraddict project : Exchange Gift Kuchingites!

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yah.. sampei juak kitak urang ke sitok. Hehe..


Here are the rules and regulation for this Exchange Gift project;

  1. You reside in Kuching and hopefully will be in Kuching for the whole month of July. Simply because I have yet to confirm my ticket. Or you can have a trusted person collect your gift on your behalf.
  2. You are prepared to exchange nice, cute gifts with me. It does not all have to be brand new. Hey – I welcome washi samples and leftovers from your collections too. Think of it as an interesting way to destash your goods. Or promote your online shop if you have any. This will also involve you meeting up with me at a certain public location which will be arranged later.
  3. You agree to me posting up the gifts on social media. So make it Instagram friendly. 😛
  4. All gifts are not returnable/exchangeable.
  5. Mode of communication will be via email until stated otherwise.

If you agree to the above – kindly fill in this form [here] You would not be able to complete it once it has reached to 5 planneraddicts.

Yes, this exchange is only open to 5 planneraddicts!! 

Closing date to fill in the form to confirm your participation in this project is :

12 JULY 2016


Here is a sneak peek of what I plan to exchange with you – nothing to hide


  1. assorted stickers for your journals/planners
  2. sweety decoration tape
  3. TOBOT money packet
  4. kitty page markers
  5. mini owl bookmark – laminated
  6. 2 metal paper clips
  7. cookie face mirror
  8. checkered magic towel
  9. a 52 week money challenge card
  10. a roll of brand new Teddy bear washi


I hope you like them – looking forward to our exchange