Happy Parcels from Kakjet & OwnDesignBook

Imagine dragging yourself to work because you didn’t get enough rest over the weekend and suddenly.. TADA... 2 parcels were there on your work table ready to be unwrapped and explored.

My first parcel came from a good friend – Kakjet. Previously as part of my ‘parcel kasih sayang project’, I have been sending her and 3 other ladies the occasional goodies parcel just so you know –  make them happy. The contents range from books, shawls, food or silly stuff like pencil cases, pens etc.. I wasn’t expecting anything in return because I’ve been doing it for years now, hence it does come as a surprise to receive a cute little parcel from her. With a note from her son and daughter!


Full of skincare products .. and a shawl. Perhaps she is a fan of the Melaleuca product – I am keen to try that soap which is packaged like a chocolate bar and the lip balm (it smells so nice)


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And haruslah tak sabar nak try shawl purple yang baru.. muekekeke

My second parcel was from an Instagram Seller : OwnDesignBook


I’ve heard good reviews about her service through friends who ordered their personalized notebooks from her. The only catch is you have to wait as most of her items are pre-ordered. To be honest, I don’t mind.

Some positive reviews online;

Planner 2016 by Sofie Adie

Birthday present – Nabila Medan

Custom Made Book – Syira Lokman

I ordered the Stickers Package Set at RM65 including postage. I placed my order through Watsapp which she replied promptly. After making the necessary payments online, I sent her ‘proof of payment’ to her email and basically wait. And tawakal. 

The items arrived within the next two weeks and she was very kind to inform me when she delivered the package together with the tracking number.

Now I have enough stickers to last me for at least a year!!!

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Baby Care package for my dear sister Aunty L

I think I spent more on my sister than my nephew when it comes to filling the Baby Care box. Love her loads.

Things I bought for my sister;

  • Loads of parenting magazines
  • Milk booster formula
  • Nipple pad
  • Breast Milk Storage Bags
  • A new headscarf
  • Nursing pillow

The new nephew

  • A newborn set of clothes, caps and mitten (kinda like.. thats it)
  • Mini shoes
  • Angpow for Tabung Haji

The infants big brother

  • TOBOT pyjamas
  • A set of dayclothes
  • A colouring and activity book featuring BOboiBoy


One can become a mother to say, 7 children but in truth every pregnancy and birth is different with every little munchkin that comes with it. My younger sister experienced another failed induction of labor – so on top of contraction pains, she also had to endure the postoperative pain of her Cesarean section. She also had a hilarious embarrassing moment with a male House Officer (HO).. ha ha.

Since we live a few states away, I could only manage some intense dua and ‘acts of deeds’ on her name and my sister in laws name ( who is also expecting a baby in the same week) … hoping that Allah will reward these deeds or Sedeqah by bestowing upon them His Blessings with a smooth and safe delivery.

Alhamdulilah.. my two ladies pulled through.

De Nephew

For a smarter 2016 …

R.I.P Samsung Mini Galaxy.I value our two years of being together but not its time to give way to the new girl in town. And so all my photos and videos will be powered by Samsung J5.

The idea of choosing a smartphone is for me to kind of be smarter in managing the many different aspects of my life. Be it as a wife and mother. Or an MD. And now a mini entrepreneur?? #2kerja

I downloaded my usual Apps from GooglePlay and it includes;

  • Quran for Android
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Medscape
  • Notes
  • WhatsApp
  • Youtube
  • Waze
  • WordPress (of course)

Only this time since I’m already on U Mobile – and using a DATA plan, I thought of exploring more on the App side. I stumbled upon 2 useful Apps so far.. I am open to suggestions… and my pick for this month are;



Although I don’t keep a tab on what I spend. And although I keep receipts for things which are tax-exempted … I have so far yet to spend more than what my monthly budget. However, this year I felt it is appropriate to have an eye on the mini details of my spending. Just so I could first, satisfy the increasing OCD trait in me and secondly to just gauge if I have a lot of extras for future blog or family related projects.

I find this app easy and cute to use.

I could key in the amount of money and categorise not only my expenditures but also my income. The emoji used are kawaii (so thats a bonus) and it gives you a warning if you spend more than 50% of your budget. It also gives you a nice, accurate monthly summary of your money flow. Smarter still, you can choose to ‘analyse the data’ using the pie chart or graphs in the app. Cool, rite?


Previously I was not convinced with this app. I thought the book selections were horrible and picisan to start with – like buku tak laku di pasaran so you decide to sell online plak. To my astonishment I saw a very popular book listed in the app. It was in fact the first book I bought on the app.

Saiful Nang  – Kisah orang Menang. 


Minus his controversial ideas and sometimes egocentric tendencies, I feel there is still a lot one can emulate from his success. I mean for instance, the famous FB EP Physician, just because he is really into BN – it doesn’t mean that we should disregard his sound posts concerning the health issues in our country, right?

One must learn what to follow or listen and read. Decide for yourself and justify on your own accord when people asks of it.

Buying the book online was a breeze. It was cheaper from what they sell physically in stores. In less than 5 minutes (with good internet speed) I was able to download the book in my app and read it on the go. I think this is phenomenal. At least people don’t think I’m a nerd when I choose to read a book on my phone and they’d probably think I’m checking on my Whatsapp messages or something. Furthermore, it saves me from judging eyes – just because I read about saiful Nang it doesn’t mean I support everything that he writes and share on his FB wall.

This app has many cool features too. You can bookmark your page. Highlight interesting passages, make notes on certain points and best of all you can sync these thoughts with your Google Drive for keepsake.

I saw Mat Luthfi’s books on Google Play Books too . I’m hoping Diana Rikasari would consider putting her #88 Love Life book online as well. I would be a very happy nerd on the go.


Review : Another Photobook bizcard

Sometimes you need to have that syok sendiri element to try a particular product. I have been a great fan of Photobook  for quite some time as it offers not only a variety of products but at an affordable price too. I keep coming back to its website to try more of its stuff.

Some reviews related to their products;

Recently on GROUPON, Photobook has a wonderful promotion for its business cards. 50 pieces of personalised business card for RM0. Nice right? Too bad I bought mine before the promo was up. Grrrrr.. geramnya..


I loved its quality having bought a set for both my sisters restaurant and my mom’s massage business.

I don’t have to download a software. I just need to log in to its online portal and ‘design’ my card there. The template has boxes and fonts of many sizes to help you get started. It’s good for an amateur like myself who just wants to ‘try’ the product and feel famous important.

Now I can selit2 my blog biz cards at random places around the world. Oh my.. my wanderlust is coming back. Come on Air Asia.. gimme free tickets!!

By the way #MYCYBERSALE has started officially from 28/09/2015  – 02/10/2015. Most online retailers are part of this mega sale including Photobook. Early this morning, I have clicked away to buy a particular ‘thing’ online and hey postage is free on top of the 25% discount for all purchases for that website.I am sure other online retailers are offering equally good deals. *drool* will tell you about that purchase later.

Getting out more from your money when spending

This is not a post to share on life being frugal. Nor is it of how you can use human faeces to generate electricity and what not.. it is simply a note on a few measures we take as a family to minimise spending thus adding on to the Holiday/Savings Jar at the same time.

Papa:  Madame, asking for a discount doesn’t mean I’m poor; it means I’m thrifty! –

The 100 foot journey


Have you heard of the 50/20/20/10 rule? I haven’t either. Its totally made up by Mr Husband but it makes sense in a way.But there are a few other ‘proportion guidelines’ we may have heard of. Such as the 20/80, 40/30/20/10 or the most famous  50/30/20 rule by Elizabeth Warren.

Bottom line is – once you’re earned your salary one should pay off the necessary bills and loans before spending it on anything else and try to put some dough in the piggy bank as savings for retirement or investments.


Except on limited edition hardcover books or collectors items – not that I have much anyway. It does need a lot of practice on delayed gratification but once you get into your head that you can save up to 70% by purchasing books a bit later than their release dates or get them at book sales – one should feel content. Besides, I have too much on my hands already from my daily job to actually do some serious reading.

An annual subscription of a particular magazine can prove to be money-saving too. For instance, my Readers Digest subscription. It retails for RM 15 at the bookstores but when I purchase it online with a yearly subscription – I not only get it for only 40 % less – the material is also posted to my home and often get a subscribers only edition which is kinda cool and thicker by a dozen. Ha ha.

In Malaysia, we already have the Big bad Wolf doing us a favor when it comes to book fairs. This mobile book sale would come to Malacca at least once a year and I’d use the chance to buy visual children books and genres that I usually would not buy at full price from the bookstore – finance, self help, leadership, indie, gardening or even mini encyclopedias. Rarely does a book cost more than RM 20 and you could easily get a good quality children picture books for only RM 5.

Getting a store card helps as well. I have been a loyal member of POPULAR bookstore and would make every attempt to get my supplies of stationaries from its outlets to benefit from its members discount price and promotions. A member could easily get a 10% discount for every little purchase and of course there’s plenty of trips to the bookstore for the buy 1 free 1 offer as well.

Finally when it comes to books, I would keep the receipts in a special envelope for my yearly tax rebates. It’s  a win-win situation. And most of the time the amount of rebate reaches the maximum amount that I could get off my taxes.


This is especially true when it comes to beauty items – be it that particular treatment essence or mascara that you really like. I find Christmas season and Valentine’s day to be the perfect occasion to splurge on cosmetics and skin care products. This also tends to be the time when salesperson become very generous and throw in wonderful goodies and samples to try.

Same goes to buying perfumes – since their shelf life takes years.. one cannot go wrong in waiting for these seasons of giving and loving to come by and be opportunistic.

However I do find that sometimes its worth going the opposite direction when it comes to buying or making festive clothings. Baju Hari Raya for instance. One could always gamble to get the best price for their festive clothing on the eve of the occasion – they just need to hurdle the crowd. Or risk the mail not arriving on time!


10 years ago, the online industry may not be as prosperous as it is today. These days however, you could find almost anything on the internet and they deliver at affordable prices too. Buying clothes and shoes may be a bit risky but I suppose once you’ve overcomes the first fear factor of actually trying.. you’d be addicted to buy more.

Recently I bought a carton of  Binggrae banana milk online.



These milk reminisced memories of our family trip to South korea in 2013. 11StreetMY was having a SALE with this product and I just couldn’t resist. At least I could satisfy my cravings for the milk since it taste delicious and is HALAL as certified by the Islamic Body in Korea.

See the Little Mosque at the end? Its HALAL.

See the Little Mosque at the end? Its HALAL.


Ordering for it was a breeze and payment was smooth through our local banks. The item was delivered safely to my workplace in just 2 working days.


It’s what the old ladies would say – make a shopping list. Or make trips to the grocers on a periodical basis so you could stock up evenly and perhaps consider buying in bulk for better worth.

Sometimes it’s not a matter of shopping for the pantry per se – but the cost of getting there such as fuel, time and traffic. This is something I am struggling with. While I can make a list I still have a tendency to buy more than what’s on the list – and this is shopping on a full stomach!


A missing button, a small rip at the sleeves – all it needs is a stitch as opposed to a new outfit. However, I find that once your muffin top has spilled over more than 30% of what your baseline is – consider a new outfit!

I hope this helps as a start. Of course there are other useful tips such as Recycle. Or enter a contest to get a freebie. Answer questionnaires. Share the shower. Join a reunion or birthday meal treats for a free meal. And all that sort. To each his own. Yah?!