On my vanity part 1

Stash 1 : A mix of products from Japan, Korea, Indonesia and the USA . We have SKII, IUNIK, beauty of joseon, Wardah, skinlab, Apieu,

Approaching 40 and the obsession is with skin care, as a good base (face) will enhance the makeup and complexion as a whole. I have been very diligent in applying my moisturiser, sunscreen and retinol for the past year and am pleased with the results. My skin breaks out infrequently which is a hurray.

After tackling facial acne, I plan to reduce the hyperpigmented areas on the elbow and knees. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. For this, I have incorporated Amlactin into my body lotion regime. It smells horrible though because of the ammonia and the results are not visible since I am not consistent yet.

Evidently, an avid fan of SKII.

Stash 2 : the contact lenses and hair accessories

I love adorable hairbands, especially the ones with ears or anything of that sort. I share this collection with my daughter of course. I have also been trying other contact lenses brand because FreshKon takes ages to arrive online. Probably due to high demand. The new brand I am trying is Horien (Kira Kira) from Taiwan. The colours are pretty. My favourite is Ash Rose but the ones available in the store are the daily disposable ones. I am still loyal to Blincon because the brown looks natural on my eyes.

I also keep my hair rollers in this basket. Claws and clips are somewhere underneath there.

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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