Trying Cuura products

The best sunscreen to use is whatever brand or type you like.

Recently I bought a new sunscreen from a local brand, Cuura. It was recommended by a few of my younger friends who are on social media for most of their life. The founder of this brand is Sarah Shahnor. Millennials would probably recognize her from the times of Modvier. She was a business icon and it seems that after all this while, she has developed her skincare line.

I know I know.. I have said it before that I’m very sceptical of products from our local celebrities. But she is an entrepreneur, it doesn’t count. Ha ha.

I bought their sunscreen and the glo nectar product. These items seem to have very very positive reviews from their clients. At least two of my colleagues are consuming the nectar as well. Perhaps it is because apart from it’s rich vitamin C content, it also has hithion which is an antioxidant. It should work well as an adjunct to my glutathione supplements.

Each sachet is 27kcal and certified Halal. Well, buah kan.. takkanlah tak halal.

The nectar has a very strong prune taste and needless to say, the sunscreen is a bomb. It is on par with Beauty of Joseon. The cream does not feel sticky after application and it does not leave a white cast. Sesuai dengan kulit orang Malaysia. Kinda explains it’s rather steep price but with such quality, I think it is worth it.

On my vanity part 1

Stash 1 : A mix of products from Japan, Korea, Indonesia and the USA . We have SKII, IUNIK, beauty of joseon, Wardah, skinlab, Apieu,

Approaching 40 and the obsession is with skin care, as a good base (face) will enhance the makeup and complexion as a whole. I have been very diligent in applying my moisturiser, sunscreen and retinol for the past year and am pleased with the results. My skin breaks out infrequently which is a hurray.

After tackling facial acne, I plan to reduce the hyperpigmented areas on the elbow and knees. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. For this, I have incorporated Amlactin into my body lotion regime. It smells horrible though because of the ammonia and the results are not visible since I am not consistent yet.

Evidently, an avid fan of SKII.

Stash 2 : the contact lenses and hair accessories

I love adorable hairbands, especially the ones with ears or anything of that sort. I share this collection with my daughter of course. I have also been trying other contact lenses brand because FreshKon takes ages to arrive online. Probably due to high demand. The new brand I am trying is Horien (Kira Kira) from Taiwan. The colours are pretty. My favourite is Ash Rose but the ones available in the store are the daily disposable ones. I am still loyal to Blincon because the brown looks natural on my eyes.

I also keep my hair rollers in this basket. Claws and clips are somewhere underneath there.

Trying Beauty of Joseon Relief Sun

As the blog’s mini headline suggested, I am easily influenced to BUY something, EAT something, or TRY something. My favourite sunscreen, from the brand A’pieu in Natural, was finishing and I wanted to get the Biore one, but since Instagram is flooded with reviews on this Korean sunscreen, I decided to try it.

After all, one of the best rules of sunscreen is to just use whatever sunscreen you like so that you could be consistent in using it daily and incorporate it as part of your individual skincare regime.

I bought myself the Beauty of Joseon Sun Relief cream from Shopee. Priced at RM 45.90. I bought other things too as part of my beauty haul. Which I may or may not write about it in my blog. I am intrigued with the Daughters of Malaya product though, cause it’s local and looks superb. I hope the formula wows me. So, maybe I will share my thoughts on that. later.

These are my recent hauls.

The haul
  • DAUGHTERS OF MALAYA, Summertime Ceramide Liquid Moisturizer, RM35
  • IM UNNY Moisture Face Cleansing Foam, RM25.80
  • 3WCLINIC Fresh Mask Sheet, Red ginseng, RM1
  • 3WCLINIC Fresh Mask Sheet, Cucumber, RM1
  • 3WCLINIC Fresh Mask Sheet, White, RM1
  • SOMEBYMI Rose Intensive Tone Up Cream, RM45

Why is the Beauty of Joseon relief sun product famous?

Well, it could be one helluva effective social media campaign using the right influencers to reach the target market. OR it could be a really good product. Especially when the brand says it has extra UV filters in it which in a way makes you doubt the efficacy of other sunscreens. As of now, my personal holy grail is the A’pieu sunscreen for its light, no white cast finish and a distinct ‘ I am wearing sunscreen for a youthful appearance’ scent to keep me motivated to use it. So, I am intrigued to see if Beauty of Joseon is on par with it.

Is this Beauty of Joseon sunscreen equally good? Did I love it?

I have sawo matang skin, to begin with. Honey skin? is that what people in the beauty industry call it? Meaning I’m not as fair as Irene Red Velvet or Dahyun TWICE but more like Hwasa Mamamoo. When beauty influencers said that it doesn’t leave a white cast, I am like – ‘oh? is this brightening effect not considered white cast? Cause I do look a fairer tone after application. Perhaps I need to understand better what white cast means. Thankfully, I wear a hijab – so people wouldn’t really see the difference in the colour of my neck and my face. Unless I am at home but then, nobody is watching. Ha ha. Even then, this mild white cast is somehow absorbed and you’ve left with this invisible (read: transparent) barrier that is supposed to protect your skin.

This product does not have a scent. Which makes me miss A’pieu a lot. Cause A’pieu kind of reassures you that yup, this is a good habit, applying sunscreen. But I do agree that this sun relief cream gives you that radiant, healthy glow instantly. It can even function as a primer. As that base in your makeup or when you choose to go barefaced. I think that is the plus point for me. Not wearing makeup but the face remains flawless. If you have good skin texture to start with.

In short, I love it but my holy grail is still A’pieu Natural sunscreen.

Bodyshop Malaysia – The LYB Club and The Bodyshop Skin Defence Range

Ever since I watched this video, I thought to myself “I should take sunscreen more seriously” eventhough I am indoors most of the time.

I mean, just because you’re not under the blazing sun, it does not mean that the UV rays are not shining among us, right? However, I did not want to resort to wearing those hard core sunscreen brand you apply when you go to the beach and give off that white cast appearance.

I also knew that my makeup products, despite boasting having SPF’s will not give me the protection I need. Hence, when The Body Shop (TBS) started marketing their Skin Defence Range, I was sold.


This range is not new though. Apparently it has been around before in 2016 based on reviews I saw in beauty blogs. Makes sense that I had no idea as I have only recently been obsessed with TBS. Ha ha. of course there were mixed reviews. After all these people who review them are experts or aficionados in the subject of beauty.

So here is a non expert point of view. From the whole range, I only bought the face mist (SPF45++) & the multi protection essence (SPF50++++). Simply because I want the 20% discount if we buy 2 items from the range. I did not want the serum since I still have the Drops of Youth Serum and was not keen to try the facial wash as I am already using a good one from doTERRA. And I don’t moisturize so getting a moisturizer just did not make sense.

I love that the texture is light.

And has that lovely soft floral scent to it. It doesn’t feel sticky to your face hence I was comfortable to wear makeup on top of the essence. This goes to both face mist and essence. I was advised by the saleslady to wear the essence as that layer before you apply makeup and use the mist later during the day as a ‘top-up’. I however did my own regime.


I used 2 squirts of the mist as my base for my makeup in the morning. The coverage was OK I think. And then later in the afternoon, after Zuhr prayers – I’d just wear the essence with my compact powder and a dab of lipgloss. (light makeup)

I hate that it’s a bit pricey for such small quantity though.

Tapi namapun Malaysia, anything Bodyshop is mahal skit. ha ha ha. 


The Facial Mist was retailed at RM139 for 60mls. The essence was at RM125 for also 60mls. I really hope that one day TBS could do this ‘recycle your bottle programme‘ which earns you points or something. It’ll give some sort of motivation to finish the product and save the earth at the same time.

With the additional points from this purchase, I was able to renew my Love Your Body (LYB) Membership. This will entitle me to various perks such as free gift wrapping for the whole year, discounts on my birthday, attend exclusive LYB member events (if any) and other promotional discounts. I just need to spend at least RM300 for the year to renew my membership. So far, my favourites from the store are their bodywash gels, the peppermint foot scrub and perfumes. I have yet to try their makeup range – perhaps it is something I will look into this year. =)