The last Youtube video of 2022

My initial target for my budding Youtube channel was to upload 8 videos. I ended up with 24 episodes of my life for the year 2022. There are still a few aspects to polish like creating attractive content, without having to talk or show my face too much. Perhaps blogging is easier. While capturing high-quality photographs too. Ha ha ha.

The theme/word for 2023 is CONNECT.

I have quite a few projects up my sleeve. Very excited about it but anxious at the same time. I did a GAD-2 test to myself and further evaluated myself with the GAD-7. In a way, I do have mild anxiety. The last time I had an anxiety attack, an observable one, was during my pregnancy with my daughter. It was very sudden. I couldn’t really remember what the trigger was but I had palpitations. It was so fast that I got dizzy and nearly fainted in the room. Thankfully I was at home, so I just laid there on the bed taking deep breaths slowly. I took a thyroid function test just to be safe and it was normal.

Anyway, this last YT video is about my stay at Sheraton Imperial KL a few months ago, PRU15 and my last sprint in finishing my OUM assignments.

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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