The last Youtube video of 2022

My initial target for my budding Youtube channel was to upload 8 videos. I ended up with 24 episodes of my life for the year 2022. There are still a few aspects to polish like creating attractive content, without having to talk or show my face too much. Perhaps blogging is easier. While capturing high-quality photographs too. Ha ha ha.

The theme/word for 2023 is CONNECT.

I have quite a few projects up my sleeve. Very excited about it but anxious at the same time. I did a GAD-2 test to myself and further evaluated myself with the GAD-7. In a way, I do have mild anxiety. The last time I had an anxiety attack, an observable one, was during my pregnancy with my daughter. It was very sudden. I couldn’t really remember what the trigger was but I had palpitations. It was so fast that I got dizzy and nearly fainted in the room. Thankfully I was at home, so I just laid there on the bed taking deep breaths slowly. I took a thyroid function test just to be safe and it was normal.

Anyway, this last YT video is about my stay at Sheraton Imperial KL a few months ago, PRU15 and my last sprint in finishing my OUM assignments.

S4Ep17 Vlog

It’s been a while since my last Youtube video. I think it was 3 weeks ago. I wanted to post it earlier but was swamped with adult responsibilities. Family, work, personal matters. I took a day off last Friday just to uraikan benda2 yang berserabut. LOLS.

The clips for this YT video have been sitting still in the folder for quite a while.

The vlog on the school holidays

When I made this video, I had a draft in mind of what I wanted to showcase. I wanted to include the little trips I made with both my son and daughter to the ‘viral’ eateries in Limbongan like the keria, laksa and the avocado drinks. But then I thought it’s just too much of a hassle to record the video and keep an eye on the kids simultaneously. The mission was abandoned. Which explains the very few clips I have of us on the beach and at MPO. Shooting a quality video can be exhausting.

It depends though on what type of video you’d like to make on your channel. It’s challenging to find local videos that showcase lifestyle silently. Instead of the loud reviews and banters on the channel. But it’s OK, you do you. Kan?

So here is Episode 16 for season 4. A 7-minute ish video on the school holidays.

Mini Langkawi

At this time of the year, Malaysia is slowly heading towards the endemic phase. This means HCW will be having a headache in the few weeks to come because procedures will change on short notice. This Langkawi trip was planned to coincide with the last week of the school holidays and also after I have submitted my assignments for this semester. I thought it’ll be a good short break until I am at it again for the exams in April.

Langkawi Wildlife Park is probably the only tourist attraction that we enjoy going to from time to time. This is our 3rd visit after the ones in 2018 and 2020. They have removed the virtual thing (thank goodness) and I think the place could do with a better cafe interior. Put some fish or something in the cafe’s main area. Make the place smell of coffee and pastries or whatever that is suitable for the area. With smell, people will come even though they are not hungry.

This is the 2nd part of the Langkawi trip. I think I understand now why Youtubers could churn a lot of videos in a week. It’s because there are lots of footage. They record a lot of content. I find it is easier to edit these videos because I had a lot of clips to put together.

Ramadhan is in April. There are various activities planned for the month. May is Eid and also my husband’s birthday. Maybe another staycation trip during that time.