Happy birthday lil man


Every year I’d be telling myself – I will throw a birthday party for my son. Where they’d be kiddie pools with inflatable dinosaurs or pirates. A corner for finger food. A booth for candy and chocolate fondue. A station for kids to colour and paint. A decent place for adults to have adult food.

But of course, it never happens.

It’ll be that same ole family gathering thing to have outside food with a cake or two. Please don’t get me wrong – I am not complaining because that was how I celebrated mine anyway. He he.. perhaps the need to wanting to throw a party was more for my own benefit so it’ll make a good excuse to just binge at the choc fondue station since its my sons birthday.

So on his 5th birthday, The Taib Clan had Nasi Arab at MITC which is costing a limb nowadays with all the GSTs and god knows what. Then we had two cakes and naturally he was showered with gifts since morning till night. As usual, he gets to cut the cakes with his cousins.


I still felt like I needed to have a party afterwards. So the next day during my own teaching session  – I treated everyone at work to KFC. Lol.. party lah jugak kan.. 

Happy Birthday my son. You will forever be Abah’s and Mommy’s favourite child. 😛



Its my Birthday

Even Google managed to make me feel special for the day.

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Mr Husband had to be on duty on the day itself, so we celebrated early. Hazeeq as always thinks that the world evolves around him, hence sang his own birthday song and cut the cake. I got a ‘sophisticated’  handbag to be used in place of my red rucksack.

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I even had a birthday surprise at work.

Another cake and candles to remind me I’m 31. 



It is often said that women in their 30s tend to be the happiest because they are at the peak of everything. Their relationship, career , family and such. The expectations are thus high and I hope to be less miserable, more importantly less angry. *Cooling the temper*