VLOG update on Chinese New Year

Malaysians love the festive season. Cause we have the holidays.. how did you spend yours? 🤗 did some edits on the clips I captured using my new Samsung A32. I need at least 1000 subscribers before I could even try monetizing my content. Consoling myself that Ali himself made 77 videos before he could actually make money from his content. He didn’t even compromise on quality. I don’t want to jump onto the tactic of just churning out videos for the sake of just making them cause it doesn’t really reflect on what I’d like to show on my channel.


This year both of my Chinese neighbours were very generous in gifting me oranges. Like the whole box! I was grateful and touched by their gestures. One of them was a former colleague at my workplace. He got me cake and coffee for my birthday last year. I had no idea he knew the date. I didn’t even put my birth date on Facebook.

My solar lanterns are not shining brightly this year. Very disappointed. Must be the panels.

I will be taking leave next week for a day to kind of keep up with my OUM assignments. Rasa macam makin banyak benda nak kena baca.