Dead Tree

This tree has been bothering me for quite a while.

It used to be a really beautiful ‘Xmas-like’ tree until one day it turned from luscious green to brown. A few theories crossed my mind. Could it be that the root has reached a certain part of the soil underneath that hindered its growth? Just like the other trees in my compound – mango, jambu air, bunga raya etc. For God knows what reason – they just die in the blink of an eye. Or could it be the weeds sucking out the nutrients from the tree, failing it to thrive? Till now, I have no idea.

It was then that I also realized that the branches were sticking out in a way that tangles up with the wires. Maybe the telecommunication poles or the electric poles. Either way, I get really anxious, especially on rainy and windy days when the tree would move and the wires move with it. What if the wires snapped? And the whole neighbourhood is deprived of an electric supply or something. Surely, they’d get angry and start hissing at me – sending black magic stuff to this house.

I began contacting a few people I found on Facebook who could chop off the tree.

A few ghosted me after a few enquiries. Maybe they prefer talking to a guy, a guy who would know what they are talking about. *roll eyes*

It was only recently when I searched ‘sewa tong roro’ did a particular company came up. They not only provide roro service but also chop off trees. I initially wanted to find a roro bin because there are a few big pieces of furniture and items in the house that I need to dispose. And the act of bringing these items to a bigger general waste area is too much effort. I was overjoyed that this company also has the tree service. Anyhow, the man in charge was super swift and straight to the point. His price was RM400 for the task to chop and clean up after he is done.

He came to the house the very next day with his team and completed the job in less than 30 mins. True pro’s cause they have all the tools they need. I made an online transfer and now the tree is no more. Next project is the roof. God knows when. The kitchen becomes wet when it rains heavily. I mean, what do you expect. Rumah lama, tapi berjasa. And it is only right that as a homeowner you try your best to create a safe haven for your family.


Jasmine VS curry leaves

Last week I had to make a choice between relocating my Jasmine tree or my Curry Leaves tree. They were both thriving but in the near future, if I don’t do something about it, they will be competing for the same nutrients, soil, water and sunlight. They grew so well that I have failed to anticipate that the space they are in – is not enough.

Which one of them is more important to me?

The one ‘more important’ get’s to stay where they are whereas the other one will have to be dug up and relocated. With a risk of it dying during the process. The Jasmine flower, if my memory served me correctly, was a plant I bought from Shopee at least 3 to 5 years ago. At the time, I wanted something fragrant to be put into my green tea. I also wanted something in my garden that smells sweet. Something that reminds me of gracefulness yet sturdy. There was a time when it was stunted and it just did not want to grow until I placed it in the current soil. That was when the leaves started turning green and soon enough more branches were sprouting from the original tree. So far a few buds were already out, waiting for the time to just bloom in full force.

The curry tree was originally in a pot. Then, I de-potted it and placed it on the ground. To my amazement, the tree began to grow from the height of just my calf to now above the knee. In fact, new branches are erupting so freely that the leaves were becoming so bushy. I have been plucking the leaves for my curry, cucur and buttermilk chicken dishes. The smell itself is so aromatic that sometimes I’d just walk past, so that I could smell the fragrance which brings on the meaning of a home-cooked meal.

My final choice

I kept my Jasmine tree and relocated my curry tree. The Jasmine tree to me was a plant very close to my heart. There is something very personal about it. Furthermore, I believe that the curry leaves tree will somehow survive it all. It is a strong, spicy tree. Of course, it is currently dying but I believe with time, given the right motivation, it will grow sturdy again.

A long day today, mothering


My little princess was be taken ill today. It started with a bit of flu and mild cough for a few days but in the early hours of the morning, her body temperature had risen and she was irritable. Like really irritable.

Mr Husband could not take leave from his responsibilities (macamlah aku tkde) and so I had to thicken my skin and request for an emergency leave from my supervisor. Thankfully it was granted. Or I’d be damned.

Ninie was being very clingy the whole day. She wanted a hug all the time – which was so cute by the way. Awkward at times. Technically I had an audience when I showered, pee-ed and poo-ed. I made her nasi aruk telur for lunch and baby bolognese pasta for dinner. My own lunch was 2 slices of bramble jelly toast. She had her paracetamol and she was in her diapers only for the whole day. Once she got much better, she can play independently for 30 secs. Then, its looking for mummy again. I learnt that she loves the Hi-5 group today as she follows their gestures , something like dancing, wiggling her little tush.

Towards the end of the day, she seemed happier. I brought her outside of the house to visit our little garden. Alhamdulilah, our jambu air tree has bore its fruits. Now we are waiting for the mango to come out.

Caring for a sick child is exhausting. Especially when your sleep pattern is disrupted. I hope I can function tomorrow. InsyaAllah.