Ramadhan with Kulsocs

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10 years a go, a handsock is merely a black or skin coloured piece of cloth a lady uses to cover her forearms. Nowadays, handsocks have become trendier and becomes a staple fashion accessory for any muslimah in putting together their outfit. Even I, myself have fallen victim to this fashion wave. KULSOCS made this possible.



Above picture is of me in a dark blue (code P002) handsock. It was priced at rm15/pair. Of course, I’m no celebrity for you to believe  how comfortable and interesting this piece of clothing is. In fact, the handsocks are far from boring as they come in a variety of colours, patterns and textures.

Perhaps one of our Msian sweethearts, Nora Danish could convince you in a way or another in the video below.

Convinced yet? Jump on the handsock bandwagon now!




Tudung Bawal at Bazaar Rakyat, Tesco

“Happiness is a gift and the trick is not to expect it, but to delight in it when it comes.”
–Charles Dickens

What is in this mysterious bag? The happy bag..



I just discovered tudung bawal heaven today. At Bazaar Rakyat , Tesco Melaka.
I know! lumpy kan.. baru skrang nak discover.

I went to the store yang ada tulis JOHOR. The tauke had an Indonesian accent to her speech. Non-Hijabi but very very kind in her discounts. I would love to patron her store again. She was so generous and offered the slashed prices without me even asking for it. In fact, I was prepared to pay the printed price but hey, rezeki jangan ditolak. After all, I am buying 9 pieces of tudung !

Here’s a breakdown of the bawals I bought:

The plain bowel
RP: MYR 10/piece. No discounts


The rainbow bawal
RP: MYR 18/piece
Discount : Buy 2 for MYR 20


The studded bawal
RP : MYR28/piece
Discount : Buy 2 for MYR 50




The kerawang bawal
RP : MYR39/piece
Discount : MYR30/piece


The special name bawal – i – forgot-name
RP: MYR49/piece
Discount: MYR45/piece



I spent a total MYR175 for the bawals. The best part is I get another MYR 5 discount!! So it was just MYR170. Alhamdulilah.. rezeki raya rah Kuching tahun tok.