September life wisdoms

September has been painful so far and I am consoling myself by watching a similarly agonizing KDrama on the web. I didn’t feel like going for the opposite effect. I choose to inflict emotional pain onto myself at my own will. I want this to be my low moment, so I could lay down low, be invisible and later rise up from the ashes for a hopefully better start.

I learnt a few lessons on life such as;

PRIORITY– to realize that you as a person and whatever you represent is not a priority just sucks. Despite the many excuses people give to smooth the edges, I personally feel that even if say there is a party happening 4 states away, if it is of value to you – you would by hook or by crook make it there. Of course, decision making in real life is not that easy. For instance, I feel that my family is always my priority but if they have sports day on say, an audit day at work – I’d still have to sacrifice my family in favour for work. It is a cruel world.

A TEAM CAN ONLY BE AS STRONG AS ITS WEAKEST MEMBER – and it can be a pain when you have more than one weak link. While I try to empower my group members for a certain project and remain optimistic, the burden is heavy to carry after a while. Group work cannot be successful if everybody is not willing to pull their own weight. I cannot be the only one brainstorming, putting it on powerpoint and then expecting me to present the whole thing just because it was my idea!

OLD HABITS DIE HARD – a recent close relative family affair came to light a few days ago. I was intrigued to hear that despite someone being in their 60s, they can still exhibit negative traits of their younger selves after all these years. An elderly person is just a person who has live longer. Their experience, wisdom etc may not be as parallel though.

YOU ARE AT A PLACE WHERE ALLAH WANTS YOU TO BE RIGHT NOW – always sangka baik towards Allah. While I was bummed about a few things, in retrospective I feel that some things are meant to happen for a bigger purpose. We may not be able to solve the puzzle now but the pieces are finding a way to put themselves together so you can see the intended, completed picture.

Book Review : My name is Hasmah

A biography of someone at 90 years old is worth all the time and dime to get the book and read it. What more someone in Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Binti Mohd Ali‘s shoes who has to juggle a lot of roles and responsibilities along the way.

I recognize her as Tun M’s wife. I acknowledge her being a medical doctor. I have heard of her extreme humility. However, I later found out in the book that she is damn funny and hilarious. It’s like if we were going to med school together, I’d want her to be part of the Sharoe Green girls (that’s where my housemates and I live in Manchester).

It was an easy book to read. A bit on the price-y edge but hey the life lessons in it is incomparable. Still cheaper than a new phone! I leave you with some pearls of wisdom I extracted from the biography.





Perhaps it would help to read the book yourself to understand some of the anecdotes mentioned in my journal.