Parcel Kasih Sayang : Beauty Edition


Another set of parcels outgoing for the girls in the Wanita Besi Eropah group. Ha ha ha.


Items include;

  1. A pouch I bought from Sarawak  – can be made into a pencil case or a makeup bag
  2. Elianto facial sheet mask
  3. Lactacyd feminine wipes
  4. Elianto  eye glitter and lip balm
  5. Paper clip bookmarks
  6. KUPON CINTA edisi khas Minci
  7. Pencils for the kids
  8. Handmade Breast Cancer Awareness brooch and Organ Donation shawl pin

I wanted to include some special tea but I forgot. Ha ha. And I decorated every single envelope. He he..



Snailmail – a birthday greeting

happy bday kakjet.. hope you enjoy the 3D card

I am sending my ex-housemate a 3D birthday card. She’s married now with 2 lovely kids. Her birthday falls on the 1st of Jan – on New Years day.

If only POSMALAYSIA has a vending machine for stamps. That will be grand. Memang muka aku jelah beli setem kat mesin. 

*updated : a kind reader just messaged me privately regarding Postal Automated Machine (PAM) in Malaysia which provides a similar service. Thank you for the info!!!