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I have 2 planners to date. A HoboMinci and this. I plan to use this A6 Plaro as my To Do list book and also to jot down notes during meetings and such.

The inserts are not that great but I was attracted to its ability to charge a mobile phone during those days when you have meetings back to back. Of course, a power bank could easily do the job but would it not look sleek to have your organizer – the only one in the room – to charge that phone of yours?? kan kan.. bergaya sgt.. 

Is that not very business-like? It will also be a very thoughtful and exclusive business gift to your special clients!

Here are the general product details you need to know before you place an order.

Size : A6 only

Comes with a  8gb u disk and 3000mah power bank.

Colour : As above (beige blue)

  Primary competitive advantages:

    • Applicable to the meeting notebook;
    • Practical and high-quality design, with U disk storage, insert card and paper change function;
    • Choose high-quality PU leather, exquisite sewing technology, high-grade business gift recommend.
    • A combination of notebook and mobile power;
    • Large charging capacity;
    • Built-in input and output cable keep you powered ever during a meeting;
    • Fashionable and high-quality design, with insert card and paper change function;
    • The power bank is standard product, standard input and output interface, fit for any digital products with USB2.0 such as f. iPad, iPhone, Samsung and more;
    • Electricity-saving function, long cycle lifespan;
    • Easy to charge, easy to carry, portable and convenient;



Like I said, the inserts are not that exciting 😛

Price I’m offering;

RM 180 including postage fee to whole Malaysia.

Yep, even Sabah Sarawak. Nang aku sik ambik untung banyak gilak.  I encourage ordering and payment through ShopeeMY. Please click on the link or if you’re not sure how, send me an email or message below.

Preorder CLOSES on 10th November 2016. Afterwards, please allow a few weeks for your order to come through. If everything goes right, we should be able to enjoy our planners before January 2017. Yeay.. and of course everyone who shops at yas_minci will get a freebie. How does a free sticker sheet sound like?