Coffee’O’Clock – CroissxCoffee Melaka

I had a Tabung Haji errand to run one day. Before Mother died, she named me the person who should help sort out her financial matters at Tabung Haji. My sister was the second person in charge. Now after nearly two years have passed, I have managed to settle this matter. Finally. Why two years? Long story. All I needed to bring with me was her death certificate and my own MYKAD with photostat copies of each. I had to fill in one particular form, signed a few papers, thumbprint some sections and just like, the paperwork part is done. Now I have to wait for at least 2 weeks for the money to be transferred into my account. From there, I will divide them with my siblings.

The Tabung Haji branch I went to was situated at Banda Kaba. Knowing that it would take a while to get it sorted, I thought I’d go to this cafe at Melaka Raya. It’s one of those places I discovered via Instagram. I loved that the cafe is easily spotted with its bright orange colour and is located at a place where parking is readily available. Come to think of it, I did go there quite early – somewhat around 9am.

It opens at 830AM and is a Muslim-friendly cafe.

Upon walking in, I was greeted by the smell of fresh coffee and sweet pastry. That is when I knew I would enjoy this experience. Cause if the cafe does not smell coffee, it’s not gonna taste nice. I placed my order at the counter, took a seat upstairs and waited for the servers to send it to me.

There is a variety of beautiful-looking pastries to choose from. The croissants were huge too and you could smell the butter on them. The setup of the place is also very Instagrammable and aesthetic. Only I don’t really know how to pose for a good picture to upload on Instagram.

I look forward to having more cafe adventures in Melaka.


Trying something new – #CoffeeO’Clock

The coffee-drinking culture has somehow evolved over the past few years. There is a growing rivalry with giant chains like Starbucks and Coffee Bean from hipster cafes and local eateries. Perhaps it is due to the rise of KDrama and their Americano. Or maybe we’re all just yawning our way through our daily activities in need of a caffeine boost more regularly. Although Melaka is a small state, it also has its own coffee bubble waiting to be discovered by ….. me. So I am going to call my little coffee exploration project #CoffeeO’Clock.

So far, I have managed to enjoy coffee from a few outlets such as our beloved ZUS Coffee and 434 Kopitiam. My go-to choice is always a coffee latte from ZUS because I find Americano too strong for my taste buds. I was a tad adventurous end of December though and made a visit to Aniss Cafe.


This cafe is located along the AMJ highway. I love the fact that it is easy to find parking and it is not crowded. To be fair, I did go there before lunch hour hence the patrons have not arrived. I ordered a cafe latte, a bowl of Laksa Johor and croffles for dessert. I took my time to devour my meal and felt at ease even though I was alone. The cafe music was pleasant. The aesthetics of the place was so bright, K- Dramaish and welcoming. The Laksa Johor was acceptable but the croffle is super delicious.


Earlier this month I had brunch at Ted’s Coffee. Its adverts often pop up on my newsfeed on Facebook. Hence, I was intrigued to give it a try. The interior of the cafe was painted in a very classic black. The place could do with more decorations and timely background music. It was a bit too quiet when I entered the cafe. The walls were empty with not much to look at and so I had to sink my thoughts into my phone. Here, I ordered a cafe latte and a croissant sandwich. I was dying for a croissant because Instagram made me do it. Ha ha ha. The croissant is too simple for cafe standards – it looked like something I could make at home if I had a croissant in the first place. Maybe they could create a special sauce or some form of ‘different’ cheese to go with it. I did not order desserts for this brunch because I was pressing for time. However, looking at their Facebook page, they do seem to have a variety on display.

Ted’s Coffee was mentioned briefly in this Youtube video of mine. It is admittingly quite a boring video. Ha ha ha.

I have searched for quite a few places to try their coffee for a few months to come. Maybe I will go to one every month or so. This is because I am still watching my calories. Despite the subtle body-shaming and sabotage, it is still a consistent effort on my part. Wish me luck.