Trying Beauty of Joseon Relief Sun

As the blog’s mini headline suggested, I am easily influenced to BUY something, EAT something, or TRY something. My favourite sunscreen, from the brand A’pieu in Natural, was finishing and I wanted to get the Biore one, but since Instagram is flooded with reviews on this Korean sunscreen, I decided to try it.

After all, one of the best rules of sunscreen is to just use whatever sunscreen you like so that you could be consistent in using it daily and incorporate it as part of your individual skincare regime.

I bought myself the Beauty of Joseon Sun Relief cream from Shopee. Priced at RM 45.90. I bought other things too as part of my beauty haul. Which I may or may not write about it in my blog. I am intrigued with the Daughters of Malaya product though, cause it’s local and looks superb. I hope the formula wows me. So, maybe I will share my thoughts on that. later.

These are my recent hauls.

The haul
  • DAUGHTERS OF MALAYA, Summertime Ceramide Liquid Moisturizer, RM35
  • IM UNNY Moisture Face Cleansing Foam, RM25.80
  • 3WCLINIC Fresh Mask Sheet, Red ginseng, RM1
  • 3WCLINIC Fresh Mask Sheet, Cucumber, RM1
  • 3WCLINIC Fresh Mask Sheet, White, RM1
  • SOMEBYMI Rose Intensive Tone Up Cream, RM45

Why is the Beauty of Joseon relief sun product famous?

Well, it could be one helluva effective social media campaign using the right influencers to reach the target market. OR it could be a really good product. Especially when the brand says it has extra UV filters in it which in a way makes you doubt the efficacy of other sunscreens. As of now, my personal holy grail is the A’pieu sunscreen for its light, no white cast finish and a distinct ‘ I am wearing sunscreen for a youthful appearance’ scent to keep me motivated to use it. So, I am intrigued to see if Beauty of Joseon is on par with it.

Is this Beauty of Joseon sunscreen equally good? Did I love it?

I have sawo matang skin, to begin with. Honey skin? is that what people in the beauty industry call it? Meaning I’m not as fair as Irene Red Velvet or Dahyun TWICE but more like Hwasa Mamamoo. When beauty influencers said that it doesn’t leave a white cast, I am like – ‘oh? is this brightening effect not considered white cast? Cause I do look a fairer tone after application. Perhaps I need to understand better what white cast means. Thankfully, I wear a hijab – so people wouldn’t really see the difference in the colour of my neck and my face. Unless I am at home but then, nobody is watching. Ha ha. Even then, this mild white cast is somehow absorbed and you’ve left with this invisible (read: transparent) barrier that is supposed to protect your skin.

This product does not have a scent. Which makes me miss A’pieu a lot. Cause A’pieu kind of reassures you that yup, this is a good habit, applying sunscreen. But I do agree that this sun relief cream gives you that radiant, healthy glow instantly. It can even function as a primer. As that base in your makeup or when you choose to go barefaced. I think that is the plus point for me. Not wearing makeup but the face remains flawless. If you have good skin texture to start with.

In short, I love it but my holy grail is still A’pieu Natural sunscreen.