Sayonara to you my precious friend

Perhaps my hospital is best known as a transit hospital. A place where doctors wait and serve until it is time to move to greener pastures. While it is a lost to our patients for losing such great minds and love, as one of those chronic people who are still holding on to our comfort zones, I see it as a great opportunity to meet lots and lots of people. From different walks of life, of varied medical experience. Yup, I’m still here going on to my 4th year.

Another colleague is leaving by next week. We are organizing a farewell party for her tomorrow. Earlier this month she already belanja a few of us a meal at the ikan bakar area in Duyung. I heard it cost her a leg. Ha ha. So I guess its time to return the favour on a larger and more formal scale.

I have been asked to get her a gift. Hence, for practicality sake I bluntly texted this colleague and asked her if she wanted anything special. She cheekily replied, I want a new water bottle, to replace my orange one.

So a water bottle it is. But since I have like nearly 200 to spend, I’d probably end up getting something that she doesn’t use as well. On top of the ciput water bottle of course.  I mean, what do you give someone who has everything. Someone who drives a Mercedes Benz, a beetle.. someone who owns her own practice.

If it was me, I would like my farewell gift to be;

  1. a cute box filled with faber castell black ink pen sampai penuh
  2. stuff like stickers and sticky pads for my planner
  3. a good story book
  4. a small handbag

ha ha ha. Now this sounds like a birthday gift.

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