Mamasita Melaka

Run by Malaysians, trained by Mexicans

Muslim friendly – it cannot be certified as fully Halal because the premise sells alcohol. The meat is from a halal source.

I am confident that if the family was to eat there, at the restaurant, it would serve a different energy. It will be very Coco and vibrant. Even then, I tried to recreate a lively spirit at home for this birthday fiesta (Mr Husband’s 38th birthday). I placed some bright-coloured pashmina on the dining table, fairy lights and fake flowers on the dining table. We used paper plates cause I don’t feel like washing up too many dishes after the meal.

I ordered meals from Mamasita through the Grab app for them to be delivered at a scheduled time. I do not think it is possible to eat outside because Mr Husband has a course on that day and he’d be too tired to go out for dinner. (what kind of person does not take leave on their birthday? Oh yeh, my husband). Plus, the weather was terribly hot despite me switching on the air conditioner and the standing fan simultaneously.

The meal was great. I really loved the soft taco guacamole and the beef quesadilla. The lamb was delicious too. In fact, everything was flavourful and the price was to me, reasonable. Other things I ordered are the Margherita Pizza, honey BBQ chicken with Mexican fries, chicken quesadilla, aglio olio spaghetti and soft drinks.

Anyway, Mr Husband did not appear enthusiastic at all. Very lacklustre. Not even close to being platonic. Either because he’s had a long day or he’s just being a moron. If it is because of the latter, he may remain miserable until his next birthday. That is the time when I will make another prayer for him to murah rezeki, dipanjangkan umur and be blessed with good things in life. Allah knows best.

The cake was Red Velvet from Italy Cake House. Specially chosen by the son. My daughter bought him 3 pairs of socks from Mr DIY using my money. The dinner was very quick because there was no TV and it was quite warm in the kitchen. So much for a Mexican atmosphere.