Lunch at Kelab Tasik Putrajaya

Dad really wanted to have his meal here.

We arrived there at 1215 noon with the sun blazing hot and the first thing that caught out attention was – it was a big open space area with no air conditioning. Ee was already, “aduhhh. panaslah”. But Dad said walk straight to the indoor area – and we found this small place which could fit probably only 40 – 50 little people inside  – but thankfully air-conditioned. Although it does get warm once the carbon dioxide from all the exhaling fills the room.

The occasion was to celebrate my Mom’s birthday and myself. I bought presents for my mom and my sister. From Bodyshop of course. I got Mother a tub of Ginseng Masker + Moringa Bath Gel (travel size) + Scrub. I got my sister, the fresh white musk EDT. As for myself, I bought the Atlas Mountain Rose EDT. Everything costs me just above RM300 and I received an RM45 voucher in return. The gift wrapping was FREE for members. *thumbs up*

I bought last-minute flower bouquets from Turba Rose, which was located at Kota Fesyen Melaka (MITC) in the same row as MK Curtains.


At Kelab Tasik Putrajaya, we managed to squeeze ourselves at the round table. Meals on average were between RM24 – RM35 per plate depending on what you wanted. I had salmon. The rest had a chicken chop, fish and chips, cordon bleu and sirloin steak.


The food was OK but I wouldn’t really go there anymore. The price was befitting of the food. It’s just that the ambience felt weird. Rasa macam sardin posh kena himpit ramai2 gittew. Tahukan Malaysia ni panas, should provide more indoor area. Yes, it’s nice to sip your coffee while looking at the lake but …. not when it is 34 degrees outside.

Next get-together we are probably going to have it at Sama-Sama Hotel again. For hi-tea.


Home cooked food – Kimchi Fried Rice

It’s the Awal Muharam public holiday today and I am very relieved to not be oncall.

Special occasions like this are usually times when ‘home chefs’ get a break from the kitchen. Eat at the restaurant or something. I on the other hand had a particular craving for something Korean to eat. So we stayed in and had home cooked food. I whipped up KImchi Bokkeumbap for lunch  – in other words Nasi Goreng Kimchi. 


I bought my Kimchi through a local online seller. The IG account looked legit @kimchimalaysia. In conjunction with #mycybersale2015, it costs RM22 for 500g worth of kimchi (discount yay!). I had the kimchi as a side dish, as bits in my cucur/cekodok ..  I gave part of it to my Mother-in-Law just in case she wants a taste of the kimchi as well. The few final spoons were used for my fried rice. I managed to finish the kimchi in less than a week. Sedap sangat!! 


Recipes are everywhere. I basically had garlic, splashes of oyster sauce and kimchi in the rice. It tasted OK. Very sour. it leaves this zing! in your mouth on your tongue after the meal.

I will definitely order this again when the next craving strikes!


많이 드세요.

[Mani tuseyo.]

Crispy Battered Fish, Taman Lagenda Malacca

For the past 2 weeks, my little family have grown so accustomed to not being in a space physically together for not more than 6 hours a day (minus sleeping hours) that I find it a bit awkward to enjoy this free weekend. A weekend without wedding invitations, no family gatherings, no errands to run.. in short nothing major. Just the 3 of us in the house lazing around. I am not even post-call although I did have a terrible night shift. Instead of clocking out at midnight, I had to leave an hour late – driving under the moon back home.

After Fajr prayers, I slept in. I woke up horrified at 10 am to see Mr Husband and The Son return from the grandmother’s place fresh from breakfast and a shower. I battled through folding the piling fresh laundry only to realize I have another basket of dirty laundry to wash. It just never stops right…

Lunch – I decided – was to have it outside. I have no kudrat to cook. We chose a place very close to home. The Crispy Battered Fish at Taman Lagenda. 

Although it had no clear signage mentioning its Halal status and it’s Facebook page it seems were dominated by reviews in the chinese language, I was convinced it was Halal. Plus the management team did say that they attended a course in handling halal food – just the certificate has not been granted.

crispy batter

It was helpful to see its banner spelled out Selamat Datang in jawi. It was reassuring in a way to know they have no pork or lard on their premises. It was clear that the owner was a non muslim but I am happy that they took all necessary measures to ensure their Muslim customers feel safe to consume the food at Crispy Battered Fish.

The interior was posh and ‘deceiving’ – you know how some people are reluctant to enter a restaurant that looks too posh. But hey, if it makes you feel any better, the price range is pretty much like The Windmill Station in Bukit Beruang. So try relate to that.

This joint serves mainly fish with a side dish of either the buttered rice or french fries -which are air grilled. They also serve other Western dishes like spaghetti etc..

Mr Husband had the black pepper chicken chop with Iced Lemon Tea. I had the Grilled Dory with Mushroom and Cheese sauce with fries and broccoli. Hazeeq had the garlic bread and mushroom soup. I had the promo RM1 Iced honey green tea beverage.

crispy batter1

The total bill amounted to RM41.30. NO GST. No service tax.

I think this place is worth checking out especially when you’re craving for fish. The menu is children friendly and the space is gorgeous. They also take reservations for those coming in a big group. If only the drink-making counter could be more secluded. It just looked weird behind the cashier. Otherwise, there is plenty of free parking space at the area so you could enjoy your meal and socialize for hours there without worrying of getting a ticket.

Sandwiches at Arnor Crepes

I was a woman hungry for a sandwich and headed to a place which I know has a short queue. It has been a terrible call + shift the night before and because I had only MYR 2 in my purse I couldn’t buy at least a simple nasi lemak from the cafe for my postcall breakfast. So I ate the in-house hospital food – porridge. Unfortunately there was not a single spoon in the pantry hence I resorted to just ‘drink’ the porridge from the bowl and prayed hard no one would see. So I was glad when I could finally punch out and grab lunch. At Arnor Crepes, AEON.


In fact, when I arrived there was not a single soul standing at the counter to order its so called famous crepes. I was honestly feeling grateful, perhaps to a certain extent, sensing a surge of joy knowing that I wouldn’t have to wait ‘long’ for my order to be done.

From a different perspective, I was also feeling ‘sorry’ for Arnor Crepes as it was competing with other giants who also knows their sandwiches. Like VIVO and SUBWAY – at that same place. I couldn’t help wondering how many customers did they had for the day. It was after all lunch hour but everybody else seems to be flogging someplace else. I was curious, what are they eating for the day. Ouh.. there’s a bee line outside Sushi King. And KFC. And a fullhouse at VIVO and SUBWAY.

It is wishful thinking I have to say, to even imagine that my purchase of the day would be the reason for this particular sandwich stall to keep doing what they’re doing here. That they would not be disheartened and sacrifice my desire to have their sandwiches by relocating someplace else where its more profitable. Thus would it be selfish of myself though to not share the goodness of this place just so I can have my short queue forever and ever? Ha ha.


The sandwich set was reasonably priced at MYR 9.90 . It includes a nice 6 inch sub and a cup of sealed iced green tea. The sauce was generous , so was the meat. The salad was plenty and heaped to the max. What more could I ask for right? An alternative sandwich for everybody!

Medan 2014 : Food-tourism on a budget

I daresay eating or makan-makan in Indonesia as a tourist is affordable and clean at most places. We are able to have our meals at decent air-conditioned restaurants with a price tag way cheaper than in Malaysia. Imagine a meal set for two in a fast food chain, TEXAS CHICKEN for instance, only costs us MYR 12.

And our most hefty meal at AYAM GORENG KALASAN which included a dessert even, later amounts to only MYR 25. Alhamdulilah.. kenyang. 


We were off to a happy start when our pre-booked meal of Nasi Padang  (MYR12/meal) on the Air Asia flight proved to be delicious. Like pure chewy daging rendang on board the plane! We underestimated how quick the journey could be because as soon as we opened the aromatic, piping hot packaging.. the flight attendants were already bringing the black plastic bag around to collect the rubbish. Argh.. panik. I blom makan.. 

Mr Husband ate, well …  swallowed it all in a jiff. I chose to pack it for dinner later at the hotel. There wasn’t enough time for a quick photo too but we did have a snap of our meals during the return flight from Medan to KLIA2. This time it was Nasi Lemak Pak Naseer and Nasi Tomato with Ayam Percik. The latter dish was Hazeeq’s favourite. He kept asking for more ‘matik’ [read=nasi] throughout the flight. The percik was a bit spicy for the boy but he liked the rice anyway.




And if I heard it correctly.. I think Air Asia is introducing a Kids Meal on board soon.

Great.“With Air Asia, every kid can eat”

Cafe Bang Memeng,

Komplek Istana Maimun



This was an impromptu breakfast meal. We were secretly scouting for the Halal logo from the few eateries (gerai) available within the grounds of Istana Maimun. Then, jeng jeng jeng.. we spotted one of the cooks in a hijab. So in the spirit of InsyaAllah Halal.. we ordered simple nasi goreng with jus durian belanda.



Fried Rice with Durian Belanda juice





Perhaps this is not a tourist-y destination, but we were willing to try anything for lunch. Especially since we don’t have a proper tour guide to consult. Plus we couldn’t find the famous Restoran Garuda most bloggers went to during their trip to Medan. Still, Jo’s Tea House was not disappointing. A very pretty lady came to take our order. Prettier than Bunga Cinta Lestari, I have to say.

Mr Husband tried the Mee Udon Medan. As for myself, I went for the Rawon Setan.Which is beef broth with bits of beansprouts and an egg. For a while, i thought the Rawon looked like brewed Jamu  – pretty spicy looking. Rawon was to be eaten with rice but well.. I just had rice for breakfast. Diet konon. Though I ended up nicking Hazeeqs Monte Cristo Banana Chocolate Bread. He was too busy posing for the camera in sipping the iced lemon tea.


To be honest, Rumah Hijau’s Banana Chocolate Cake lagik nyaman. And this Rumah Hijau is in Kuching, Sarawak. One of our must eat places when go back Kuching.




Dessert does not come any sweeter than the Es Nangka we had at this joint. Nangka is Jackfruit. It was overwhelmingly sweet thus we were glad we shared the bowl of Es (ICE). And to wash it down – another sweet coconut drink.


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