My mini tarawih kit


telekung, quran, post-it notes to mark fav ayats, scent for aromatherapy.. 

This is my Tarawih Kit for my salah at home. In the living room. With the dim yellow romantic lights (the kind that makes your selfie looks good) with my personal aromatherapy and air conditioning yoooooo!!

Seronok plak solat kat rumah.

I can keep an eye on my son. I can pause in between my rakaats to pee. To take a sip of water. To just lie down on the couch and soak in the silent of the night. To decide on the next surah to read. Then to continue my rakaat until Witr. Tak byk pun.. tak sampai 20. 

How is your Ramadhan so far?

I came across a sad news today regarding the health of one of my good friends father. It makes me think how Allah caturkan kehidupan kita sedemikian rupa di sekian masa bersama orang yang kita sayang – so much so that experience, whatever it may be, will benefit all who interacts with each other in the name of Allah and Islam. Thus reminding us that we must always strive fora life of Rahmat and we can perceive the experience in Redha and Tawakkal. InsyaAllah. 


3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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