Face sheet beauty mask

I was never a fan of the beauty mask sheet. UNTIL… I saw how much the Jung siblings love using it. That would be 정호석 (J-Hope) and 정지우 (Ji-woo).

I follow Ji-Woo on Youtube and there was one video where she did her night routine skincare regime. She not only applies the mask sheet but also uses the remaining essence on her body which was something I never thought of doing before. Maybe it’s because the sheets I use have a sticky formula that doesn’t feel really nice on the skin. I also learned from her videos the existence of lash serums. Like wow, the beauty trends keep rolling in. And because of her – I bought an eyelash serum too which I use diligently not only on my eyelashes but also on my eyebrows before I go to sleep.

Later on, I found out that J-Hope was also very into skincare. I watched a short clip of Bon Voyage where he brought his masks on these trips and on the recent In The Soop series, he easily slabs a sheet on his face after a day out in the sun. This kind of inspired me to use one as well whenever I have been out working in the garden during the day. Or if after a day working in CAC, fever centre etc. I no longer use these sheets on special occasions only ( which explains why my mask gets expired all the time). I begin to adopt this thinking that the mask is for everyday use to hydrate your skin, to be incorporated into the beauty regime, whenever and however you choose to do so.

As of now, my favourite masks are from Etude House and a specific one from Some By Mi. So far, most sheets from Etude House has a very nice non-sticky formula. I haven’t tried everything as I buy them in small quantities on a monthly basis from a Shopee store called Beautybabes. My recommended one from Some By Mi is the Glutathione mask. This is like my 3rd purchase from the same store. I thought I’d give the Real Vitamin one a try too and see if I like it.

Beautybabes seems to have a lot of options at their online store. I am anxious to try other brands but will consider it once I find great reviews about them. It takes leaps of faith to try something new on the face. Let me know which mask sheet brands you like, ey?