Acah2 blogger

Blogging used to be the IN thing. Now it’s the time of the InstaFemes or Youtubers. I am not quite sure if that is how I want the direction of my hobby to go.

I love writing. I like it when people make comments on what I write about. Which are mostly close friends in real life and those I love connecting to on social media. I am not so sure if I can handle blog readers by thousands like the more famous, colourful and outspoken ones.

patient perli kawan aku pun aku terasa kena cubit. apatah lagi kena maki if opinion tak sehaluan. kah kah kah. 

I used to give one of these cards out a long time ago. It was something I designed WITH the help of the available templates on Photobook. Acah2 femes. pastu gelabah bila orang yang ko ngumpat jumpa blog kau. Terus private post. 


But I missed moments of making new friends. Especially non medical friends which is why I think I got drawn into doTERRA. It’s another form of social adventure alongside being part of the butterfly blogger group.

Anyway, I have a social engagement this weekend. Organized by the group in collaboration with an F&B business. Kinda like a blogging assignment which I applied for.  LOL . If I do this right, I might just be able to reconnect with bloggers during ‘my time’ and forge new relationships. And perhaps get more fun assignments. Hihihi.

Cheers to a wonderful year. Gitew.


Figuring life out together with Ninie

Baby Ninie is like my new wonderbra. Can’t seem to let me go. Always wants a cuddle in my arms WHILE STANDING. She could somehow tell if I was sitting down, it puzzles me all the time. HOW COULD SHE TELL?


I did try baby wrapping her in an effort to cook and clean at the same time. But it has yet to work. OUr Skin Must Touch, Ninie says. The most I can do was clean my spoon and hit the kettle to boil for my next cuppa of Horlicks. I’ve slowed down on the MILO because it makes me constipated. Its very stressful to take a dump with the doors open while the baby is crying just outside – yet you need to cover up as modest as you can because your 6 year old son is also in the house.

It’s not all chaos. There are quiet times (very little of it). That’s when I’d rush to pray, shower or prepare a quick meal for Ee. Occasionally I get to add things in my Online Cart but never actually get to Proceed with Payment.

Recently, I get to bloghop and heyho.. WANI has resurfaced after 2 years! She’s a future surgeon you guys, be VERY AFRAID! And like her.. we are both waiting for Wasaii (kakjet) to be back on track as well – that crazy woman we call friend.

Blogging may not be as mainstream as it was before but I still look out for those nice, quirky and informative ones. Nowadays, its so difficult to find online (lengthy) reviews on products or experiences. (one of the reasons I read blogs). Too many positive ones on Instagram and Facebook until I had to add search terms like ‘produk XXX tak best’ or ‘tak sesuai’ hoping for some individual to write up on the cons of a product and so on.

I love reading friends blogs , if they have one, because its where they could kind of dump their inner thoughts which may not resonate with other people on FB or IG. Plus, people do not scroll blogs anymore or put them under the bookmark cause its time consuming to read. So it can kind of be like our little secret. Only special (ye ke? hehe) people who care enough about you would actually read crap you (I) write. Or equally passionate bloggers.

Or bored people.
Or nosey people.


A flip through my journal/planner

HI PAMmers and Readers,

I find that I suck at planning because I tend to procrastinate – and I cheat on my To do List by doing the chores first, only to list it down and tick it later.*gulp* Mostly to make me feel organized and accomplished. Muekekeke.. So I guess I’ll stick to journalling and writing diaries or blogging – macam dulu2.. 

Today is my birthday. This year I purposely asked for a day off because on previous years when I’m at work – I was showered with wishes and cakes by colleagues. It was fun and weird. Not to mention the awkward group photos afterwards. Ha ha. Gosh.. I’m suddenly missing the attention. NOT! I guess I’ll give them a break this year – kot2 ada yg stress nak kena jadi wakil beli kek bagai..  😛

I will be escorting Mr Husband to a weekend course later. So allow me to share with you my so called creative work in my planner and journal. Have fun.

I hope you enjoyed your 1 minute plus eye candy. It’s not perfect but I’m looking into ways to improve its quality.  Please share your layouts in the comments or better in the FB group – I really look forward to seeing them. I’m sure the admins would approve of them too. As of tomorrow, its the weekend aite – I’ll put up my haul post. Watch this space.


Domain, Registered!

“The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.” 
― Oprah Winfrey


People tend to embark on new change or things on the start of the New Year.

Sometimes you don’t have to improve or celebrate joy on a particular date. Just Do IT!

So here I am on the WordPress bandwagon, trying to rekindle back the euporic feeling in learning about codes, templates, writing in particular and other stuff of interest. Plus of course finding old cyberfriends and forge new cyber friendships.

Here’s to many good years ahead..

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What this New Year means to .. Yasmin MusTa

“Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.”
― Carl Bard

I have always kept a diary ever since at an age of 7. No one actually taught me about ‘jotting down your feelings’ or ‘ keeping a journal’. I must have watched it from a movie or TV series somewhere that inspired to cultivate this habit.

Diaries during primary school were colourful with scraps of paper. Doodles and keepsakes of people I admire in school. I would have been regarded as a stalker should I keep up with the obsession though. Later, in secondary school the thoughts were more interesting as I began exploring teenage years and sexualities. Confusions on what sort of personality I wish to blossom into took its toll as I experimented and saw consequences of my actions and words.

Medical school introduced me to online blogging and thats where I discovered that we could befriend total strangers and enjoy a fruitful cyber relationship with them. One as such would be my favourite couple : FaezNadrah.Com. I sometimes wonder if the current relationship we have [read: tak pernah jumpa face to face] would change if we were ever to see each other for real. Ha ha.

Now blogging time is scarce. No, let me rephrase. The hiatus and infrequent entries are due to a ‘writers block’. A really long block. I just have no idea on what to write on. Perhaps its because Ive taken on a more ‘important role’ that involves a lot of talking and expressing thoughts. I honestly dont know. Sadly though, I feel that my writing skills and English flowery expressions have diminished. Which is a shame. I no longer use wonderful descriptive vocabularies in my everyday speech. I am beginning to forget the rules of grammer, the beauty of poems and idioms, the abundant figure of speeches.

Consequently, because I have allowed Work to suck me into its blackhole.. I have quite forgotten the dreams and ambition I longed for. I no longer remember the wonderful memories Ive had long ago that helps to inspire the things I can do today to keep it alive thus generating more happy memories.

With the 2014 curtain open.. its an opportunity to Relight the fire‘. I hope. I want to love language again. I want to love writing. Eventhough its not worth a film script. Or a Petronas commercial. Haha.