the blind faith by paperdorable

First of all, please click play on the video and listen on …

Last week I decided to purchase The Blind Faith (silver) Bundle from Paperdorable after seeing Perempuan Jomblo got hers on Instagram. This package was supposed to be filled with little surprises from the stationary and kawaii department. You don’t get to choose what goes in the bag. All you can do is wait for it to arrive and act surprised!!

myr 50.00

I received a lot of cute pens – that was the whole idea right? I was more thrilled to receive the paper products and masking tape though. Perhaps I should explore more of the planner and stationery scene here in Malaysia and find the more suitable retailer to satisfy my needs for a variety of sticky notes, memo pad and such.

blind faith pens

That capsule like pill is a pen – one of my favourites I have to say. of course I loved the sticky notes more.

blind faith washi

I was delighted when they included the masking tape in the bundle.

faith bundle collage

The elephant pencil case was adorable. I intend to use it tomorrow. I think these pens should be able to last for the next 6 months. Rasa sayang mok guna pun ada.. but hey, you can always get another bundle afterwards. Perhaps you could try the Gold Bundle next.

Thank you paperdorable

Parcel ‘kasih sayang’ for the girls …

The December/New Year edition of my personalised parcel ‘kasih sayang’.

EE sends his love to all his aunties..

.. because in the midst of being a wife and a mother, we sometimes forget that we are women of our own. We have our own ambitions, desires and needs. That sometimes you just need your girl-friends to tell you to hold on, or go for it, or hey.. whatever it is, I will always be here for you and your kids should they need me when you’re not around …

This activity of sending parcels to my girl-friends have been around since I was in medical school. I don’t do it that often – just at times if say, I saw a beautiful scarf or book and cookies. It’s my way of sharing my joy or the recent happenings in my life.

Of course, everytime I go to the post office the people at the counter would question me about Poslaju and what’s in the package – they keep thinking that I have an online business.  For God’s sake, I just want to send this beautiful package to my good friends. Have you guys forgotten how nice it is to receive goodies from a friend?

In my recent pack I have given them a shawl, a pair of hand socks from Kulsocs, some lollipops, a du’a card, an organ donation information card (lol), bookmark, my syok sendiri blog card and of course lots of invisible love and kisses floating in the envelope.

Now that I know the minimum postage to send a parcel via snail mail is MYR 4.00 I am considering making a New Year Surprise Package at say a flat price of RM15? Ha ha.. I wonder if anybody would be interested – especially from the local planner addicts society. Hmmm.. just let me sit on the idea for a minute.

Its happening this weekend ; our Carboot sale

Crossing my fingers that it would not rain, as my sister and I have been putting in quite an effort for the event this weekend.




TIME : 7am – 12 noon

VENUE : PETRONAS BSP (bandar saujana putra)

I am selling my pre-loved clothes from zaman2 kurus and muda remaja – when K-POp was a craze. All those cute frilly T-shirt and dresses are to go for a flat price of RM5. My sister is also selling her kurus clothes and as for Father, he is also selling off his necktie at RM7 each.

On top of that, since I am a planner junkie despite a creativity level of ZERO – I am also selling all the cute stickers, stationaries and other kawaii stuff that I bought in bulk. Sometimes I only wanted a set but it was tempting to get more in bulk for cheaper shipping rates. so kita juallah ..

We are doing this to collect funds for personal purposes. My sister wants to buy a new breast pump. Father just wants extra pocket money since he is a pensioner already. As for myself, this would be a great try-out in the art of buying and selling on top of filling up my Tabung Minci for charitable purposes.

Here goes the pictures;


A variety of rulers, stamps (camera print) & magic towel. The latter will be selling at 50 cents each.

Recently Updated5

Bookmarks, Eraser and Clips

Recently Updated4

Stickers for planners : Price range : RM5 – RM 10



Washi : Price range RM5 – RM 7


Then comes the more beautiful things : Compact mirrors suitable for gifts.


The ballerina

Recently Updated6

Budget mirrors & oriental themed ones


Bronze mirrors



Laminated freebies – as a thank you note

None of these are available for online purchases. Why not spend sometime outside instead with the family and grab some deals at a good price. Its Carboot for goodness sake.


SimplySiti : ‘Glocal’ and affordable

I find that I am slowly having this inclination towards local products in the beauty section – the  SimplySiti brand to be exact. Perhaps it is because the range still has a Korean essence to it, only perfected with a Malaysian touch. By our famous songstress of course, Dato Siti Nurhaliza. On top of that, with the current exchange rate – I have to think twice when ordering an item online especially when it’s from overseas. So if anybody have any recommendations to replace my Missha BB Foundation Cream and Missha Time Treatment Essence, I would be so thankful.

 고맙습니다 gomabseubnida !!

I did a SimplySiti haul at Watson’s recently. Say hello to the new folks;


SimplySiti EDP Precious RM 69.90
SimplySiti HidraVita Treatment Cream (Vitamin E) RM 33.90
SimplySiti Argan Mascara RM 39.90
SimplySiti Elegant Lipstick (Wanita) RM 29.90

The HidraVita Treatment Cream is another repeat purchase – just like the Dermagic Moisturiser. It could be a placebo effect but I do feel that my blemishes are kept at bay. I decided on the Precious EDP because it smelled better than the rest. It has yet to match Ralph Lauren’s Style (somebody.. please recommend me a perfume with somewhat similar accent) which is now not in production anymore. But I’ll just try it and see how it goes. Plus, the packaging is cute with the ribbons and such. It can be a budget gift for any girl on any occasion too.


It took me ages to choose a lipstick that could bring out the perfect nudé before I finally settled on a particular colour named as Wanita. I don’t want to appear too dressed up for work yet not lesu and lemah at the same time. Hope to put it to the test next MOnday.

So here is my little SimplySiti family. Say yes to Malaysian products!


Good Things : Mini Sejadah

All of my (hopefully perceived) as good intentions and amal are inspired by this hadith

Abu Hurayrah (RA) reported that Allaah’s Messenger (SAAW) said: “When a human being dies, all of his deeds are terminated except for three types: an ongoing sadaqah, a knowledge from which others benefit, and a righteous child who makes du’aa for him.” (Muslim and others)

As one who works in the civil service, I am entitled to an allowance called Elaun Keraian. I never quite understood the function of having this special allowance – so I asked my father who was also in the service. He mentioned that the idea of having such allowance is so we could ‘celebrate’ guests or clients to reinforce or forge new work relationships.

Thing is.. I am in a service that provides service to people. Meaning I don’t get in touch with potential clients or so. I see patients, not customers or buyers. I work in a team to provide service to the patients.

And it was only later that I realized how I could use my Elaun Keraian to good use thus keeping the amanah that have been entrusted to myself.  It was very simple but can be rewarding I must say. That is meraikan staf-staf sokongan dan teman sekerja. And being the typical Malaysians that we are – we love food. Hence an occasional cake, makan-makan, extra dough for the pantry’s fund or a farewell party, tidbits for the graveyard shift et cetera is very welcoming to the team. Simple rite?

And recently I had the opportunity to contribute for a small event we’re holding within the organization. I bought these Mini Sejadah (prayer mat) for the goodie bag! I feel so excited that Mydin is also giving discounts when you purchase in bulk. Hence I manage to save MYR98 for a total of 70 sejadah! 

mari kita bersedekah

Thank you Mydin for making Charity-Doing seems so easy..