“Writing is a struggle against silence” 
Carlos Fuentes


‘Eh’ should not be used as a single-handed response. If the need to use it arise, it must be followed by any other sentence. As long as it doesnt stand alone. ‘Eh’ hinders proper communication, bringing down relationship into dusts. In fact, there’s just nothing worth saying after an ‘Eh’. No one wants to hear just an ‘Eh’ especially when after conveying a very exciting news or belating a bad incident at work.

It may seem amusing to just say an ‘Eh’ but it hurts. Really hurts. Its as though you dont have an ounce of care in the world. That you refuse to listen, less even interested in getting involved in the conversation. Sadly, not to a stranger but to your own family. That you hate new ideas, not open to suggestions…

Yes, that one ‘Eh’ shows how much of what you are. And I dont like it.

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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