Yogyakarta : Cakrakusuma Hotel, Jalan Kaliuran

RM 559.56 . That was the cost for our trip – A return flight ticket from KLIA2 to Yogyakarta for 2 adults and 1 child plus a 4D3N stay at Cakra Kusuma Hotel. Minus shopping and touring money of course.


I was pleasantly surprised with this hotel. It was rated as a 3 star hotel but hey.. it was worth all the money we paid for. What was important was not only the cleanliness but the kind hospitality they offered to my kid. It was like a small resort in its own world. At one time you’re on the busy streets of Yogya and once you’re in the facility, you’re like in a different place. Very cooling and relaxing.

Yogyakarta feb15

There were a few setbacks:

We had to weather the rain to get to our rooms situated further back from the roofed reception. Especially now when its sunny during the first half of the day and like a meteorological expert – we can predict the rain to pour by 3PM everyday. Thank god for in-house umbrellas.

There was no fridge in the room. We had a leaking sink and the walls were not soundproof.

But they compensated well:

Hot showers, daily complimentary bottled water and beverages, free basic toiletries, a resourceful reception and fine room service dining. At least we can still experience Indonesian cuisine within the comfort of our own room especially when it rains during dinnertime. We enjoyed the Free WIFI most, so Mr Husband could VIBER his parents back home and upload the pictures on FaceBook.


Would I stay at this hotel again? A definite yes.

The 1-Day Tour ⌉  Taman Sari & Malioboro ⌉ Food & Ole-Ole 


5 thoughts on “Yogyakarta : Cakrakusuma Hotel, Jalan Kaliuran

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    • Yes. Precisely.
      We took advantage of the promo tickets which pops up once in a while on the air asia site
      .. this is as mentioned excluding supir fee, entrance fee and shopping/ eating expenditures


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