My life’s soundtrack.. well some

How many of us married couples are still searching or actively listening to romantic songs nowadays? Kinda taking everything for granted nowadays aren’t we? Knowing that we get to see our loved ones everyday, there is less incidence to berangan or feeling tak larat of the nice things our spouse do everyday. Be it taking the garbage out or bathing the little monkey.

I remembered during courtship when I would actually compile a list of love songs to listen to over and over again at times when I feel very lovey dovey. There were also breakup songs, frust songs, motivational songs, travel songs, dance songs et cetera.

Even now, when I hear certain songs… it will immediately transport me to a particular strong memory – sometimes moments that bring me gazillion joy or…. of things I want to forget.

For instance, I will always associate Michael Buble’s – Home to my trip to Rome. Everything just fits perfectly at the time. Our party of 8 just happened to be in Rome when this song became a hit worldwide. The best part was not in going to the Colloseum or that gondola ride in Venice. Or that scrumptious slice of margarita pizza and gelato… it was at the moment we got lost in the town of Rome. Circling the area for God knows how long yet everyone being so peaceful enjoying the ride watching the city lights. With Buble’s song in the background of course.

Black Eyed Peas “Meet me Halfway’ on the other hand conjures memories of a relationship gone sour. When both somehow thought the other party was angry of something and yet both clueless of what was going on. Still, on my part I was hoping that we could perhaps meet halfway to solve the problem or get a closure. It did not happen – and the sourness just dissolved with time. I remembered checking in to a hotel after my normal day at work ( a houseman at the time) without any extra fresh clothes and just use whatever toiletries I have in the car. Only to check out the next day, drove back to work in the same clothes I used the day before with NOBODY noticing. NOBODY had any idea I was having a rough time. NOBODY checked if I had breakfast or dinner the night before. NOBODY knew that I did not return home last night. It was a sad moment. For a while. Until I met Mr Husband.

Interestingly I don’t have that one special courtship/wedding song with Mr Husband. Honestly I couldn’t recall, which means we probably did not have one. We were bonded by food. Our first date was after all at a Kelantan stall beside the national masjid and we had Nasi Kerabu for dinner.


So, on second thought… perhaps its not that we are taking for granted of each other. Every couple is different and complements each other in their own unique way. We may not need songs to reminisce on our lovely past but we still have food. Glorious food.

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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