A normal everyday

Words fail me in describing exactly how I feel at the moment. I am just glad that things and people are at where they should be – here, back to normal. 

Mr Husband and Hazeeq was on a mini trip to Jakarta – Bandung recently to attend a relatives wedding. I haven’t been to Jakarta and although I was very keen to follow suit, I felt that my ‘service’ is greatly needed at the workplace with other colleagues on leave and all. After all, my leave to Phuket was approved earlier so I don’t see the need to go for another oversea trip. bagi chance kat orang lain plak cuti.. 

So I was thrilled to have them back in my arms after 5 miserable days. I had no idea I was capable of missing them this much. I was raised in a family where parents going outstation is a norm. In other words, being away or being far from each other is normal. But when my 2 boys were gone, no matter how hard I tried to occupy myself with work, once I am rested in bed in the silence of the night – I couldn’t help thinking ‘What are they doing?’ ‘Are they well tonight?’

I kept myself busy at home as well. I managed to rearrange Hazeeq’s play corner. Got a new shelf and stuff and organized his legos and toys into different categories. My parents also scavenged the store room at their house to see if they could find some handover toys for this grandson. Indeed, they did. He is now the heir of my play tree, my tree house with no roof and a shoe house with no walls and roof.

2014 blog6

I myself got a gift from Mr Husband – many pairs of blouse for work and leisure!! Wahahaha.. thank god I didn’t go shopping last weekend for new clothes as now I have many new sets of work attire to last for the whole week.

I am a happy wife who is glad my everyday is normal again.


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