I am a Core Follower

Yes, you heard it here first. I am not a good Leader but I am a great Follower. But not just any follower. I am one of the best CORE FOLLOWER any leader could ask for. It’s like.. you can give me the lousiest leader in the world and I can still make him/her look good.

Ok. Settle. Dah puji diri sendiri hari ni. Haha. 

Strong leaders need these Core Followers (CF) who can in turn sometimes become mini leaders themselves and help to micromanage things. Core Followers tend to be those who knows how to execute tasks in a timely and expected manner but have for instance, problems in being under the spotlight or being out in the public eye. CF have exceptional skills or resources that the leader may not have. Pandai ke, kaya ke, good communication skills ke, femes ke.. ada kabel besau ke. CF tend to be loyal and enjoy working in a team to achieve the greater purpose or goal and are able to visualize and appreciate the bigger picture before the mass of people does. CF’s also often put other peoples needs before them, sometimes at the expense of their own family or personal relationships.

And a leader does not need a lot of them. We are after all talking about CORE FOLLOWERS. FIVE is a good number. Identify 5 strong individuals in your organization and keep them close. Watch over their well being. Listen to their stories. Act upon their concerns. And if the leaders plays his role well – the main CF will stay with the leader for a long time until there is a need to change in the future.

Panjang ni 277 perkataan. Dah rasa payah nak tulis. Canne nak buat buku ni.. 


3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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