Interesting things always come from being really exhausted and really sick – Adam Driver


No interesting thing yet at this part of the world. But I strongly want to document Today.

I really have to thank a colleague for realizing that I need Time Off today. I have been unwell for the past few days, mostly due to lack of sleep and the cold flu. I have no documented high body temperature but the muscle ache is lingering every now and then. Yesterday, I was already feeling the grittiness in my throat and was hoping I could drink lots of water and sleep it off.

Unfortunately, I had very little voice this morning. Although physically I am able to do manual work, I need my voice to ask patients and give necessary advice during consultation. I can’t do that. But I went to work anyway praying for a miracle. Furthermore, being a newbie at my workplace – I hate to be the one yang baru masuk kerja, dah mintak cuti (my husbands umrah thing), dah mintak MC. Because I know I am not that type of person. In fact, I tend to put someone else’s needs before mine (like tak cukup org kat tempat kerja or someone needs to swap) because it’s just what I do. I guess it’s a mother thing. LOL.

However just 5 mins into my job, my colleague who has been there for many years already … suggested I take a sick note. She feels its not appropriate for me to work in that condition. I was thankful. When you have a senior looking out for you, it feels less guilty asking for a sick note from your boss. Cause you know how some bosses are, they’d ask your senior colleagues for feedback instead of directly asking you if you are coping or otherwise. Some bosses may want to know if you are really that sick or fooling around. But not asking you, tanya orang lain. heranlah aku.. 

When I was a so called senior at my previous workplace – I too try to help out my younger colleagues as much as I can when it comes to say, them falling ill or needed to swap. Simply because

  1.  I feel it is my responsibility as a senior, to look out for and speak up for those whose voice may be a tad smaller than yours. Sebab kalau kita, siapa lagi nak membela nasib anak bangsa. Gittew.. 
  2. Allah has given so much to me, to ease my life and Mr Husbands life. Allah made it possible for Mr Husband to transfer to his hometown where he could be close to his parents and take care of them. And them also helping to take care of their grandchildren when the need arises. So far, both of us rarely have to take EL when our kids get ill or needs to go to a competition on weekdays coz the grandparents can help to fill in our shoes. In return, we both try to be amanah in our jobs and help others (friends and colleagues) around us who needs help and ease their burden. Nak tukar oncall? boleh. Tukar slot locum? boleh. Perlu EL today cause anak sakit and their own parents jauh? Go ahead, we got your back. Coz the kesenangan and utuh family support that we benefit from today is not just for us, it’s also a tool for us to extend help to others who need it. InsyaAllah.

So here I am at home looking out at the sun. Without the baby. But with Ee to keep me company. I have a jug of water to finish and 2 bottles of tamarind juice to consume. Speedy recovery Minci. Esok sambung kerja.

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