Magic Shop

I am now in the Magic Shop. The BTS Magic Shop. To heal myself. I think I read somewhere that we will find BTS at a time that is right for you. Something like that. This shop is full of good music and good vibes. No judgements whatsoever. In this shop, I have been scrolling old music videos and found some gems to listen to. I mean, how is it that I’ve never heard of Miss Right, Burning Up (Fire) , Serendipity and gosh, so many others.

If they had given up after all those great songs, a new ARMY like myself wouldn’t have discovered them through Dynamite. And I wouldn’t have been able to discover the masterpieces that they have come up with before. Kadang-kadang, timing untuk seseorang tu menyerlah belum sampai waktunya. Even in business, if you come up with a great product or a fantastic technology, if it is released before it’s time or when the target people are not ready, benda tu takkan meletup. Timing memainkan peranan. With a splash of luck. Once you get that big break, people would naturally look at all your previous work/products which is amazing. So if you have been producing great things before that break, out of passion and hard work, InsyaAllah it will be rewarded.

Moving on, gaji baru masuk.

I did the usual transactions. Bayar kereta. Rumah. And then I saw a familiar bank account number. It was my mom’s. I have been wiring some money into her account since I started working. It’s not much but enough for her to go by her daily livings, go shopping, buy plants, treat some friends. Now, she’s gone. So I transferred the money to my sister’s account instead to supplement her expenditure in taking care of my dad and brother’s meals and logistic fees. She’d be cooking at home and hiring Lalamove or Grab to send it to my dad/brother’s house. I am sure it will cost a bit for her especially since she has her own family to take care of. I hope that’ll ease the burden is any. Of course she could use it on her kids as well. They are my anak buah after all.

Work-wise, still busy. Bilalah nak cuti neh..

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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