Ramadan 2023

I have been ill for the first few days of Ramadan. It is astonishing for me to be taken sick, again, this year. The last time I had the flu was early in the year and now I also have another episode of illness. It’s like my challenge this year is health. Cause in previous years, it is very difficult for me to fall sick. Meaning I would remember when I would feel half-dead. This year, half-dead occasions come too frequently. The cycle is too fast. However, since I have committed to Nordette, I am not going to allow The Flu to nullify my fast and so, I persist.

We are also training our daughter to fast. She is in preschool. Malaysia’s fasting hours are roughly 13 hours. The daughter will end her fast at different times every day, making it gradually late. So it is like from a 1pm to 3pm sort of thing to finally Iftar time today. She wakes up with us for sahoor and eats the same meals alongside her bottle of milk. Iftar is very simple as I am not a fan of going to the bazaar. It’s too crowded. The food can be disappointing especially when you’ve paid so much for it. So it’s better to disappoint ourselves with our own home-cooked horrible, tasteless food. Hahahaha. Gosh, I should be more enthusiastic.

My sister is planning an Iftar at her place soon. That is something to be confirmed later.

Raya roster is already out. I was quite surprised to see that only a handful of us Muslim medical doctors booked the pre and post-Eid. Most of us, including myself, choose to work and only be off on our Eid days. I thought I was the only depressed one here. huhu.

On a different note, my husband brought us to this new house he bought about 30 mins away from the current place we are living in. It’s supposed to be our version of a ‘country home’ where we get to spend our weekends or holidays sort of abode. I wasn’t really enthusiastic when we went viewing the house the first time but I guessed he must have really liked it, and bought it anyway. I wasn’t really keen on this property becoming our primary home. In my head, I was thinking – of kids’ school, transit, social support (in-laws) and commute to work issues. This could be solved if I don’t work conventional hours! So, either I stay on the same career path with flexible hours or switch to a career that allows me to curate my own time.

I couldn’t help contemplating that option after the mini trip. I was calculating my loan payments, my savings, my supposed gratuity money and my pension later when I am 58 years old. I was even using this link to help me decide which year I should aim for if I am really going to do this. In a way, I should start by collecting my GCRs first. And then do not add on any more liabilities. Spend less than 50% of earnings. See if I could squeeze in my necessary spending ( the loans and vital subscriptions I will not name) under that 50% and see how it goes. Perhaps picking up a side gig using the gift of my voice tone. Yeh. Tgklah. Tgh manic ni.. semua benda rasa macam boleh buat.

Pengiraan Anggaran Bayaran Pencen, Ganjaran dan GCR Bagi Persaraan Pilihan Sendiri

I could not order Ramadan packages this year for my usual buddies but I am thinking of getting them something for Eid. That is also on my to-do list.


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