Shopping for the work outfit


“Carrie: Honey, if it hurts so much, why are we going shopping?

Samantha: I have a broken toe, not a broken spirit.”
Sex and the City


Ready or not, my maternity leave is slowly coming to an end and the call to start working is beckoning. Time to slip off those dancing shoes and work the field!

It has always been an exciting experience to shop for clothes. I mean, what woman in their right mind wouldnt, right? However, this year round (this month)… its less fun for several reasons:


1. My Minci family is bunking in with the rest of the family. Following our recent transfer to this new working place, we have yet to find our own place which we can call home. Though we have a roof on our head for the time being, its still like being in a sleepover – you have limited wardrobe space. Mr Husband has been trying to make me and baby feel more at home (in his original nest) and considerate enough to free his ‘bachelor wardrobe’ for space so I could put mine …. still, its just not the same.

2. My post baby weight is still lingering on. Oh how I wish I had the help that all these celebrities are getting to keep shining and sparkling postpartum. To be honest, I havent felt rested for quite a long time. I need a mind coma. In fact, I tuntut my honeymoon time!!! Its as though my body has been on this hormonal rush since my third trimester till now. The one, single moment I remembered having a good rest and sound sleep is that one night after my C-section operation. Since then, I havent been able to get a full night sleep and being deprived of my usual ‘fixes’ – a hairdo and a day at the spa ( for a massage or facial). Ironically, although I feel like Im on the go every second, doing things.. my weight hasnt shifted much. So, pants doesnt seem like a clever option now, do we? Pftt.Super pfffttt.


3. An unfamiliar environment. At least in Kuching I know where to go, where to find what and all that. Now its a new place and the idea of having to wait for someone to bring you out and wait upon you as you shop … is undesirable.

Still, I couldnt really give in into wearing a Gothic themed attire everyday (think Addams Family). So I kind of FORCED myself into getting new pieces today. I struck a deal with my ownself that I would at least get ONE complete outfit for work.

In the end, I managed ONE complete outfit with an additional 2 long skirts, from the same brand. Thank you B-Impression. Talking about FORCED PURCHASE!! Next mission would be to find that one shoe that hopefully I’ll fall in love with at first sight.


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