Killing two birds with one stone.. 

Our trip to Kuching, apart from as an annual balik kampung thing – was purposely planned to coincide with my Anaesthesia Department HOD in my previous tertiary hospital’s retirement party. She was to retire after serving the community in Sarawak for  15 years. And she was not even a Sarawakian.

I remembered stepping foot into her office for the first time and was met with a lady who spells charisma as easy as ABC. Her voice was as loud as thunder but never far from dispensing an advice or two. Her knowledge of anesthesia itself was admirable but her understanding of life and death was eye opening. We not only began to appreciate the beauty of our vocation but were also disciples of life long learning for this world and the Hereafter.

She was never the one to give up. Never to say NO. Or cry impossible. She stands her ground but even so she would always find the middle path so more people would agree with each other to get the best results. A great leader must after all be prepared to be a great listener as well.


A lot of people turned up for the event which was of no surprise. The food was served over 9 mini courses. Some were delicious, the rest were palatable. Being a mom of a kindie boy – I couldn’t help feeling glad it was over. I needed my rest that badly.

I managed to meet and salam some of my other beloved specialists. And of course held the hands of Yang Diraikan herself. Naturally, she would find it difficult to place a name on my face because well.. I was so young back then. This was like more than 5 years ago – a time when I was still skinny and not married? Ha ha..

I grabbed her hand and salam her. CIUM TANGAN okay!! I introduced myself as so and so. I let her know of what I am doing now (regardless of its significance). She was happy that I was still doing anesthesia although I see more of excision biopsies than say a laparotomy for an intra-abdominal injury or a Whipple. Just being there to be able to hold her hand and hear her say, “ok.. thats good.. thats good” was one of my best 60 sec in a lifetime. And you’d only feel like that if you treasure and respect a person dearly. Yes, I adore her a lot. Like MEGA much.

She is at the moment ranking as NO 1 on my list of favourite female bosses. I look forward to adding a NO 2 on my list and yes, I have spotted someone.

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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