Ramadhan 2018


I am very excited with this years Ramadhan. Maybe it’s because I had a Quran tagging session a month before which gave me the drive to pursue Ramadhan benefits. Furthermore, I joined a local cleaning group on Facebook by Hani Mynis.

This is after all Ee’s first attempt in fasting. We woke him up for sahur. We prepared his favourite food. We tried to make Ramadhan as comfortable and fun as we can for a 7 year old. We encouraged him to wear his best baju melayu for terawih although so far he hasn’t managed to go to any such prayers because he got sleepy. Ha ha.

I on the other hand, have been performing terawih at home. I love it. I can eat or feed the baby. I can do no.2 in between rakaats. I can take my time. I can perfect my surah reading and learn more surahs (InsyaAllah).

Have a nice Ramadhan everyone.

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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