Ask again

I learned something this past few weeks.

If you ask for help once, and did not get any that first time… do not let that stop you from asking again the second time.

Kadang2 bila kita request sesuatu dan di- turn down, akan ada rasa “tak naklah mintak tlg kt dia lagi.. mesti tak blh tolong”

Who knows you will get a favourable response the next time you require assistance? There could be limitations on the other person’s part to help thus unable to fulfill the request. Mungkin masa mula2 kita minta tolong, mcm terlalu sudden, orang tu pun tak berapa bersedia nak membantu atas kekangan tertentu.

A kind hearted person would feel bad at having to say NO to you. They will keep in mind of that situation and become more prepared the next time you ask. Usually they will help if you ask again another time. Why am I saying this?

A few weeks ago, the top managers decided to organise an adhoc mass vaccination programme. The type where you have a meeting at 11am on Friday and run the show the next day. My team is an ‘At your service team’. We have no choice but to just go along but we also know that we have limitations to run the show. Therefore, the bosses asked if it was possible for an NGO to provide a team. To be honest, the request was quite abrupt. It is not easy to assemble a team just like that! So, it was almost expected that the answer was a polite no.

A fortnight later, we had another programme. I had thought that the NGO would be approached again but judging from how the conversation is going in the watsapp group, it doesn’t seem so. I put forth a request through the big bosses PA but I was unsure of the outcome. As much as I hate to override the bosses, I decided to personally message the one in charge in the NGO. It was met with a favourable response. Perhaps the bosses have also got in touch with him too. The programme was indeed handled better.

Tak salah untuk cuba kan.

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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